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​This service enables customers to file a motion requesting Provisional and Summary Actions Judge to issue a sequestration order over moveable and immoveable properties of the debtor.

Required Documents
​1. Sequestration request
2. In the event of litigant being a natural person, s/he should attach a copy of her/his Emirates ID, and in the event of being a legal person/corporate body (company or establishment), a copy of manager’s Emirates ID (stated so in the Commercial License) together with the latest copy of Commercial License.
3. Personal details of Lessor and Lessee (landline, mobile, email, and home or office address). 
4. Details of items to be seized such as moveable or immoveable properties, funds, stocks, bonds and others to be mentioned.
5. A copy of lease (Ejari) translated legally into Arabic.
6. Proof stating debt on due, such as (cheques – bonds – judgment specifying amount of debt, …), if any.
7. Applicant should sign an undertaking of compensation for damage cost incurred by the aggrieved defendant.
8. Copies of title deeds of moveable or immoveable properties to be seized. 
9. Proof stating contractual relationship between Lessor and leasing office; lease, management contract in force or Power of Attorney.
10. A copy of inheritance certificate for the heirs if (Lessor) is deceased.
11. A copy of Notorised Power of Attorney for legal agent and Emirates ID. In the event of being a law firm, must attach Commercial License of the law firm and being its representative, should produce an authorization/POA from the law firm.
12. All documents must be submitted in Arabic or legally translated into Arabic.
Note: The distrainor shall, within eight days from the date of attachment, file a lawsuit before the competent court proving his/her lien in cases where the sequestration is placed by an order from the Summary Actions Judge or else the sequestration shall be null and void.
Service Procedures

​Sequestration service can be availed by paying a visit to the premises of Rental Disputes Center and registering the motion having all required documents submitted and fees paid. Phase one is to submit the motion to Provisional and Summary Actions Judge, the phase two is to communicate with the applicant and inform him/her of the judge’s decision. If it requires preparation of a letter or report, the RDC staff shall get in touch with concerned authority to deliver the deposition to the distrainor. 

Service Fee

​AED 20 Sequestration Order Fee

Service Branches

​Rental Disputes Center (Disputes and Lawsuits Registration Section, Ground Floor)

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