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Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers

Welcome to the Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers Course.  Approved by RERA and conducted by the Dubai Real Estate Institute, this four-days course is designed to provide a recognized qualification for real estate professionals that are currently working or are planning to work in Dubai's real estate industry.


The course, through a series of modules, includes an overview of the following general topics:.

  • A brief history of developments in Dubai and its governing bodies.
  • The role of the industry's key players: DLD, RERA and DREI.
  • The Dubai legal and regulatory framework relating to Dubai's real estate industry. 
  • The registration procedures for developers, property purchasers and real estate brokers.
  • General terms, definitions and principles pertaining to the real estate market.
  • The  sale and rental processes and their related agreements.
  • An introduction to  owners' associations and the related governing laws and   regulations .

1.       History and Development.

The goal of this module is to introduce U.A.E and Dubai Rulers and to provide an insight into some of Dubai's major real estate developments.

2.       The Business of a Broker.

This module serves as an update to brokers on the most recent policies and procedures adopted by the governing bodies in respect to certified training fees and registration, license renewals requirements, examination requirements and grading system.

3.       Concepts, Definitions and Market Players.

This module introduces key market players, regulators and educators with a close look at the roles and functions of Dubai Land Department (DLD), Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI ), Rental Dispute Center (RDC),  and the Special Judicial Committee for the liquidation of cancelled property projects in the Emirate of Dubai.

4.       Sales Processes and Agreements.

This module aims to introduce various sales models while highlighting important aspects of a typical sales process and sales agreements.

5.       Leasing Process and Rental Agreements.

This module aims to introduce the elements of a lease agreement, Ejari, the concept of short-term leases and tenancy-regulating legislations.

6.       Code of Ethics.

The module aims to increase awareness amongst real estate brokers regarding the Code of Ethics (the "Code") established to compliment legislation governing the activities of real estate brokers in Dubai. It focuses on ethical responsibilities ( The Dos and Don'ts for real estate brokers) and understanding the consequences of misconduct and breaching the Code (Violation and disciplinary action).

7.       Introduction to Owner's Associations.

Our aim in this section of the course is to provide important information to owners, developers, investors and the public in general about procedures and rules relating to Owners' Associations established in multi-unit residential developments that have adopted a strata model of ownership.  In addition, we provide a basic understanding about community living and the rights and responsibilities of purchasers investing in these types of jointly owned properties.

8.       Legal Module.

The Legal Module provides an introduction to the laws and regulations of the Dubai property market.

9.       Essential Skills.

This module introduces participants to concepts in marketing, lead generation and client creation. It also covers mathematical concepts necessary for the brokerage business including comparative market analysis (CMA) and proration exercises.

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Register
Certified Training for Real Estate Timeshare Brokers

This course is designed to qualify timeshare brokers and to equip them with professional skills. The course covers the legal aspects and the importance of investor protection in this sector and the contracts associated with this profession.

Course Content:

  1. The legal environment for the sale of timeshare
  2. Code of ethics
  3. Land Department role in the timeshare industry
  4. Importance of protecting the consumer / investor
  5. Contracts in timeshare
  6. Timeshare strategies
  7. The art of marketing, promotion and sale of the property on a timeshare

Course Objectives:

  • Educate timeshare brokers about the laws and regulations that govern the industry.
  • Develop the basic skills necessary for timeshare brokers.
  • Support brokers with the needed skills to attract buyers and investors

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 21 hours
  • Register
Certified Diploma in Real Estate

The Certified Diploma in Real Estate is an important program designed for professionals working in the real estate sector and it is open for all. It is beneficial in building knowledge and learn about principles of real estate, management and financing. The course also highlights issues related to economy and investment in a balanced approach between theory and practice.

Course Content:

1.Real Estate Principles

2.Property Management

3.Property Marketing

4.Real Estate Economics and Market Analysis

5.Real Estate Valuation and Investment

6.Real Estate Project Management
7.Real Estate Business & Legal Enironment

Course Objectives:

Develop efficiencies by enhancing the best practices in the real estate market.
Provide comprehensive insights about the real estate market and marketing, including legal, technical, investment and financial aspects.
Provide study cases to enhance understanding and market analysis.
This course is considered an opportunity for those who didn’t obtain a post – secondary degree.

  • Price: Dhs 12000
  • Duration: 49 hours
  • Register
Certified Real Estate Surveyors Training

The course aims to qualify real estate surveyors and raise their professional skills and knowledge about policies and best practices associated with this profession. It highlights the guidelines issued by Dubai land Department regarding surveying of jointly owned properties.

Course Content:

1.Survey Principles.

2.Guidelines approved by the Land Department of jointly owned properties survey.

3.Surveying Framework and criteria related reports.

Course Objectives:

Educate surveyors accredited about the rules and regulations that govern the profession and criteria in determining gross and net space common areas.
Reduce the uncertainty  which arises in surveying issues between investors and developers such as areas.

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Sales Negotiations in Real Estate Relationships

"Do you sometimes get to a point in your real estate negotiations where progress grinds to a halt and the deal falters? If so, learn how to look objectively at the way you are negotiating to notice the weak spots and acquire skills to strengthen your natural talents so that your negotiating prowess matches your personality and reaps the results you know you deserve."

The Dubai Real Estate market is increasingly attaining higher levels of sophistication due to a process of maturing at all levels and a new regulatory regime that has brought about major changes in the way the market operates. In addition, the vast ethnic and cultural diversity encountered in the real estate sector can be particularly challenging for real estate professionals methodology taking the participant through a blend of classroom learning and role plays from understanding the client's needs to closing the deal and maintaining an ongoing relationship long after the initial transaction.

Course Objectives:

  • Knowing how best to communicate and interact with the client, either an existing or new one, with the objective to successfully negotiate each stage of the transaction process in order to close a deal and ensure repeat business from that client thereafter.


  • Personal development of staff and professionals working in the real estate sector increasing the level of professionalism of the individuals and customer service in the market as a whole, with successful participants increasing their ability to generate markedly higher levels of income.

Customer Service for Excellence in Real Estate Relationships

Provide professionals working in the real estate industry about best practices and skills in customer service to enhance their occupational level in dealing with the clients.


Course Content:

1. Understanding how customer service functions.
2. Appreciate your role and responsibility in providing customer care.
3. Explore the difference between internal and external customers and how to serve both.
4. Key elements of customer care.
5. Learn how to “Wow” customers.


Course Objectives:

 Learn the fundamentals of customer care.
• Understand how to keep your clients close.
• Know the 4 types of customer service and how to apply them in your profession.

Preparation course for Real Estate Brokers

This preparation course is short and focuses on enhancing the brokers' skills and updating them with any changes to real estate laws, procedures or transactions related issues.

Course Content:

1.Brief about the legal framework of the real estate market in Dubai.
2.Code of Ethics
3.Property registration
4.Broker’s contract forms and procedures of property ownership transfer
5.Case Study & Mock Exam

Course Objectives:

Continuous update of broker’s real estate knowledge as per the changes in the market.
Support brokers with knowledge about the market and principles of working in this sector.
Awareness of possible obstacles and challenges a broker may face and how to overcome them.

Certified Property Management Training (CPM)

The CPM is a qualification course designed to educate those involved in property management and leasing services. This course delivers a comprehensive look at the rules and regulations related to property management, it also explains in details the role of a property manager, work strategies and important guidelines.

Course Content:

1.Introduction to property management.
2.The role of a property manager in ensuring the best returns on investment
3.Property management process
4.Important activities in property management
5.Leasing management and contracts
6.Rent regulations  and disputes

Course Objectives:

Increase the knowledge efficiency in property market business.
Educate property and leasing managers to run transactions professionally.
Educate property managers about legal aspects and regulations that affect their work.
Elimination of bad practices and procedures in property management.
The skills of property managers in developing plans

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)

The accredited CIPS Certificate is deigned to develop the skills of professional working in the real estate industry and to support them with an international perspective of knowledge and to build networking opportunities with professionals from around the world. This course presents an overview of the international real estate business environment, including practices, opportunities and challenges.



Course Content:

1. Global Real Estate: Local Markets
2. Europe & International Real Estate
3. The Americas and International Real Estate
4. The Business of U.S. Real Estate
5..The Middle East and Africa & International Real Estate



Course Objective:

Overview of the international real estate business environment;
Awareness of Globalization of economies, International capital flow & effects of currency exchange on transactions;
Learn about opportunities for referrals to help build your global real estate business.​

  • Price: Dhs 6000
  • Duration: 40 hours
  • Register
M-201: Facilities Management training

This course is designed to enhance the experience of owners association managers in facility management. Educate them on how to develop their facilities and properties according to best practices in order to maintain & improve their communities.

Course Content:

1.Strategies & principles of Facility Management.
2.Identify the physical assets the community association must maintain.

Course Objectives:

Inspect physical assets
Evaluate existing maintenance programs and management controls
Analyze a maintenance contract for weaknesses
Identify the basic elements for a disaster plan
Prepare a request for proposal, including bid specifications
Review bid proposals
Monitor fulfillment of a contract

  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
M-100: The Essentials of Community Association Management Course [OAM]

DREI presents this course for landlords, developers and owners association managers. It is aimed at spreading awareness and education about the real estate environment. It provides better understanding of applicable laws and procedures in the market. It also increases professionalism for owners association managers and members of the board. Moreover, it uplift the confidence among investors and landlords.

Course Content:

1.Legal Framework.
2.Fundamentals of Owner Association Managements
3.Fundamentals of Facility Management & Services

Course Objectives:

Highlight the role and importance of owners association and to understand the applicable rules and regulations in this regard.
Teaching attendees about their rights and duties as landlords, the role of other relevant parties and public interest.
Introduce best practices in managing sales, facilities and services and how to implement them.

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Register
M-205: Risk Management training


This course gives the managers of owners association the needed education and knowledge about risk management at their communities and how to eliminate these risk through various methods including full insurance services.

Course Content:

1.Risk management for owners association.
2.Importance of insurance in managing risks.

Course Objectives:

Identify key aspects of risk management plans
Follow up and execution of contracts
Risk management techniques
Managing insurance claims
Monitor and improve owners association plan for risk management

  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager [CRB]®

The Certi fied Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB) designation is one of the oldest and most respected in the industry, and provides the knowledge you need to reinforce your professional development and sharpen your competitive edge by:

Staying ahead of the competition.
Learning new trends and business strategies to improve

individual and company performance.

Discovering a new approach to enhancing knowledge and

leveraging opportunity.

Topic Covered:

Module 1: Building a Business Plan that Gets Results
Module 2: Performance Leadership – Coach, Manage & Mentor
Module 3: Creating a Profitable Real Estate Company

  • Price: Dhs 5000
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Register
Registration Trustee Training

This course qualifies registration trustees and educates them about the requirements rules and regulations followed. It also highlights the principles of real estate, marketing and customer service. The participants will learn how to register property transactions on behalf of the Dubai Land Department.

Course Content:

1.Code of Ethics.
2.Property Ownership transfer Procedures.
3.Electronic systems designed for registration trustee.
4.The roles and duties of a registration trustee.
5.Highlighting the agreement to permit access to registration trustee system.
6.General information about the applicable property regulations in Dubai.

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to empower and teach registration trustees about the profession’s requirements and applicable rules and regulations.
Training the registration trustees on the system used by Dubai land Department to register sales mortgages and other transactions.
Educating registration trustees about rules and regulations related to their profession.
Educate registration trustee about code of ethics.​

Registration Trustee Diploma

  • Price: Dhs 5000
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
Best Practices in Real Estate Selling and Leasing


This course educates professional working in this industry about best practices in real estate selling and leasing. It provides a comprehensive manual of best practices to develop the skills of participants to achieve the optimal results for their companies and meanwhile achieving customer satisfaction.


Course Content:

1. How to utilize the best Communication Skills in real estate
2. To negotiate effectively in Real Estate by conducting research and ability to read the other party
3. Knowledge, power, and capability to convince end users to lease or buy, because end
4. Time Management Skills
5. Best Practices in Leasing and Selling


Course Objective:

• Develop the skills of real estate brokers in sales and leasing.
• Support development of the real estate industry through the publication and dissemination of world best practices.
• Dissemination of best practices in sales, leasing and property management.
Illustration of the proven strategies and tactics practiced by the best real estate companies in the world.

Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)


The Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) course  in corporation with the National Association of Realtors  (NAR) & the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council (REBAC) is designed to establish a foundation of training, skills, and resources to help real estate professionals succeed as buyers' representatives. By Earning your
ABR® Designation, you will tap into a pool of 40,000 designees in Europe,
South America, Asia and Australia.

The three-day Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR®) Designation course
and teaches agents best practices of buyer representation, negotiation on their buyers' behalf and obtain fair representation. The ABR course provides agents the know-how to turn current clients to a source of future business.​

  • Price: Dhs 3500
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Register
Real Estate Project's Trust Account Course

The real estate project's trust account is a mandate for those approved Account Trustees (Banks) who wish to market and sell off-plan projects in Dubai as per the law no. 8 of 2007, regulations and procedures set by Real Estate Regulatory Agency. The Trust Account course is provided by the Trust Account department in cooperation with Dubai Real Estate Institute, the offi­cial training arm of Dubai Land Department. The course is designed to establish a foundation of process training, skills and practical exercise to enhance account trustee offi­cers knowledge, experience and to be familiar with the steps to be adapted in order to open the account, manage it, release funds and any needed or required action according to different scenarios and criteria.

Course Objectives:

  • Providing the expertise needed by involved bank o­fficers in order to handle Trust Accounts and prepare financial reports
  • Building a full image of the process of the account opening, managing and closing.
  • Exposing attendees to all different scenarios and how to tackle situations
  • Gaining skills and being familiar to handle and all involved forms, using different tools, techniques.
  • The Introduction to all related laws and regulations which set the system, controlling and managing the accounts.

Course Outline:

  • Laws governing the trust account, developers, and projects register
  • Requirements for marketing new projects, and issues related to dispute and cancellation
  • Trust Account Regulations
  • Audit Scope of Project Books (Revenue and Cost Statement)
  • Project Financial Reports (User Manual)
  • Revenue process
  • Payment process
  • Land
  • Project management
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Infrastructure
  • Performance bond process
  • Advance payment process
  • Monthly report preparation process
  • Transfer of escrow account instruction.
  • Documentation.

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
Certified Mortgage Broker Course (CMB)

The course covers a variety of topics such as lending laws & regulations, ethics, mortgage markets, mortgage products, financial instruments, and the basics of the residential mortgage lending process.

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to offer a superior level of service to the Borrower; distinguish yourself from the competition and build condense in your competence and knowledge.



Course Outline:


  1. History of Mortgages in UAE
  2. Licensing requirements
  3. Best Practices
  4. Assessing Client Affordability
  5. Ethical Decision Making
  6. UAE Central Bank Regulations
  7. Mortgage Products & Options
  8. Islamic Banking
  9. Fraud & Risk
  10. UAE Real Estate Market Overview
  11. Property Transaction Process
  12. Appraisals


Course Objectives:


  • Enhance the practical knowledge of mortgage brokers and consultant firms.
  • Define the role of mortgage professionals in the loan process.
  • ​Introduce best practices of mortgage brokerage in terms of ethics and professionalism​

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
M-202: Association Communications

​This course o­ffers communication strategies that will bene‑t both new and experienced managers and provide the skills to better understand owners and volunteers. You'll learn the basics of good customer service and gain the tools to eff­ectively handle complaints, write newsletters and reports and manage public relations. Topics include: practicing e­ffective communication skills, providing good customer service, identifying and responding to owner needs, addressing complaints and di­ffusing anger, managing public relations, preparing annual meeting notices, management reports and rule violation letters, writing informative newsletters.

Course Objectives

  • Use specific skills to increase the e­ffectiveness of verbal communication.
  • Improve your written communication skills.
  • Recognize a successful newsletter.
  • Present proper telephone techniques to employ with customers.
  • Provide a process for responding to an upset owner or tenant.
  • Develop criteria for communications content checklist.
  • Provide media relations tips.

Course outline

  • General Communication Tips
  • Essentials of Written Communication
  • Providing Exceptional Customer Service
  • Communicating with Residents and Managers
  • Developing Internal Communications
  • Media Relations

  • Price: Dhs 2000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
M-203: Community Leadership

​This course shows you how to inspire the cooperation needed from board leaders and volunteers to achieve management goals. You’ll learn proven ways to motivate and guide community leaders and help board and committee members accomplish more at every meeting. Topics include areas: strategies for building better relationship, preparing and running areas: strategies for building better relationship, preparing and running efficient meetings, motivating and guiding board members, encouraging, interest and participation in committees, developing election procedures and organizing community records.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify basic fidciary obligations of assciation leadership
  • Create and populate a management action item list Develop and utilize procedures for community elections
  • Identify records to maintain
  • Create or update your mission statement
  • Develop a community association strategic plan.
Course outline:
  • Community Leadership
  • Association Solutions

  • Price: Dhs 2000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
M-360: Leadership Practices in Building Community

This course teaches you the management strategies that build better community relations. You'll learn how to help your community members develop social and problem-solving skills and foster greater participation in the community. It will also help develop the leadership skills that can increase your job satisfaction and enhance your career growth.

Course outline

  • Fostering community participation
  • Developing a community mission statement
  • Promoting positive interaction among community members
  • Cultivating personal leadership skills

Course Objectives

  • Focus more on human needs, less technological objectives.
  • Analyze the paradigm shift to building community and the role of the community manager in leading the community.
  • Design a mission statement that assists a community in working towards building community.
  • Apply at least ten building community practices that can be introduced and practiced by the community manager.
  • Propose methods of educating residents about community associations and explain the importance of the education process in building community.
  • Identify organizations within the greater community where a partnership can be developed. Compose a strategy for collaborating with outside community organizations.
  • Determine the bene­fits and process of using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in a community. Propose situations where ADR can be applied.
  • Assess the relative benefi­ts of standing committees and single-issue task forces and present an approach for implementation in the community.
  • Discuss new methods for better recognizing volunteers.

  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
M-206: Financial Management

This course gives you the tools to understand and apply the principles of financial management to your community association. You'll learn the entire budget process, from identifying line items to reconciling accounts to gaining board approval. You'll also learn how to analyze and report on association ­finances. Topics include: developing, managing and balancing budgets, financial planning processes, replacement reserves and basic investment principles, accrual and fund accounting, analyzing ­financial reports and records, and using budgets and ­financial reports as management tools.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the elements of Duty of Care
  • Apply zero-base budgeting to calculate current replacement costs
  • Identify and explain the elements associated with Duty of Loyalty.
  • Reconcile budget revenues and expenses
  • Explain the different types and methods of accounting for community associations
  • Analyze and interpret an Aged Receivable Report for the association
  • Analyze and interpret a Balance Sheet.
  • Present and explain financial reports to a board of directors.
  • Use fi­nancial reports as a resource for board decision-making

Course outline

  • Budget Development
  • Understanding Financial Reporting

  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
Cross Cultural Training for Real Estate Professionals

This course specializes in the definition of the various international cultures and how to ensure good communication and a better dealing and to provide world-class service. These roles will help in closing successful deals without prejudice to cultural issues of different customers and investors from various backgrounds. These investors might have cultural concepts different from the people living in the Middle East.


Course Content:

1. Understand your client’s diverse global mindsets for maximum results in real estate;
2. Understand how diverse multicultural groups function in relation to each other.
3. Master the best tools and tricks of communication to translate into direct profit.


Course Objective:

Learn the differing cultural values and styles of business behavior.
Bridging the cultural gap between different groups connected to the real estate industry in order to successfully operate locally by knowing how to effectively relate globally.

Communication and Presentation Skills for Real Estate Professionals

The course is designed to develop effective presentation and communication among professionals working in real estate industry to achieve the best results and offer optimal customer service.



Course Content:

1. Improve the effectiveness of communications between the different groups connected to the real estate industry;
2. Know how to successfully operate locally by knowing how to effectively relate globally;
3. Learn the different styles of communication and business behavior; gain skills for effective written, verbal and non verbal business communication
4. Enhance your communication and presentation skills in the world of real estate..



Course Objective:

• Know how best to communicate and interact with clients and staff of different  nationalities so that workflow is seamless and productivity enhanced, is the ultimate goal of the course.
• Improve the effectiveness of communications between different groups connected to the real estate industry in order to successfully operate locally.
 Master the different styles of communication and business behavior

Expectation Management & Problem Solving

Concentrates on how to enhance customer care and utilize problem-solving techniques in the real estate sector to better help your customer. "Is somebody at work making your life difficult? Do your clients burden you with unrealistic expectation? Learn how to deal with potentially tense situations by managing the expectations of a range of people you deal with in the real estate world. Develop winning strategies to help you minimize stress and keep communication and outcomes professionals, no matter what." How to ensure that the customer gets the best customer service experience and become your best spokesperson, the second part of the program takes the participants through some techniques that they can use when they encounter problems in order to solve these for the benefit of the customer and themselves.

Course Objectives:

The Participant will receive practical tips and methodologies they can take away with them and use in their day-to-day activities which if applied will expand their income generating abilities.

Renewal Examination for Timeshare Brokers

Renewal Examination for Real Estate Brokers - Chinese

Ejari Master Training


OQOOD Property Termination Training

Two Subjects of Diploma Course

  • Price: Dhs 4000
  • Duration: 14 hours
  • Register
Certified Training for Real Estate Valuers

​Certification course for valuers is a certification course to certify valuation professionals working or wishing to work in Dubai. 

The course will cover a wide range of topics to include introduction to real estate valuation, the characteristics of real estate market, the importance of real estate valuation, definition of market value and the difference between market value, price, cost and investment worth. The course will also cover the traditional methods of valuation with some examples and touch base on the contemporary valuation method. 

This is an introductory course the purpose of real estate valuation, the valuation process and the different valuation methods and approaches as well as techniques used to determine the value of various types of property. This course is designed to provide the candidates with needed skills and knowledge necessary to undertake real estate valuation and conduct development appraisal work. The candidates will have an understanding of the concepts and practices in the real estate valuation field. The candidate will have a working knowledge of some of the techniques used by the valuer. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the characteristics of real estate market
  • Understand the role of property in the wider economy;
  • Understand the different type of tenure
  • Understand the purpose of real estate valuation
  • Understand the difference between market value, fair value, price, cost and investment worth
  • Understand valuation methods and approaches and when each method is used
  • Understand the minimum requirements of a valuation report. Understand the code of measurement

  • Price: Dhs 6000
  • Duration: 25 hours
  • Register
M-204: Community Governance

Learn how to avoid legal problems and gain cooperation when establishing guidelines.

This course covers the legal basis of community rules, policies and procedures. You'll gain a better understanding of board and management responsibilities and a better grasp of the community association as a legal entity. Learn how to advise and support your board and how to revise policies and procedures to comply with current laws and recommended management practices.

Topics include:

  • Developing and enforcing rules
  • Using an attorney or other professional advisor
  • Conflicts of interest and ethics
  • Reviewing and amending governing documents
  • Statutes and case law affecting community management
  • Fiduciary responsibilities of association boards, committees and managers
  • Management contracts

  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Extra Trainee for OQOOD SYSTEM MASTER Training

Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers-Chinese

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 21 hours
  • Register
VAT in the Real Estate Sector

Course Objectives:

• The general definition of the VAT law

• The impact of law in the real estate regarding both operational and financial sectors

• The law areas of application and its mechanisms in real estate

• Defining the obligations of developers and real estate professionals pertaining to VAT

• Implementation of laws and regulations, tax violations, fines and penalties

Presentation inclusion:

• The legislative structure of tax for all Gulf States

 • Laws and decrees issued for value added tax in the UAE

 • VAT Basic definitions

 • Taxable real estate supplies

 • Zero supply for residential properties

 • Taxable real estate businesses

 • TAX Obligations for developers and sellers

 • Practical real estate transactions

 • Real estate tax calculation

 • Tax procedures

 • Violations and tax penalties

Trust Account System (TAS)

Trust Account system (TAS) is a central system for trust account operations (Approvals and Financial Transactions). It is a gateway and communication medium between developers, account trustee and Dubai Land Department. The system provides interfaces to manage and track payments and project progress online with Full amortized approval cycle for payment release.

The main objectives of the trust account system (TAS):

  • Automating approval cycle: by moving from manual procedures to a unified online system which can be accessed by different actors such as developers, banks, inspectors, investors, and Dubai Land Department to complete the request lifecycle.
  • Save Time: by providing the user with an online access, there is no need to visit Dubai land Department for every step throughout the request lifecycle as the user can submit everything online.
  • Easier Payment: by providing a unified payment gateway which enables the user to pay immediately or schedule future payments using a variety of payment methods.
  • Increase quality: increase the quality of information acquired by implementing strong validation in addition to enhanced input controls and achieving capacity.
  • Increase the ease-of-use: by dynamically rendering the minimum amount of interface fields required to complete a certain process.

Trust Account System (TAS):Course Outline:

  • Laws governing the trust account, developers, and projects register
  • Requirements for marketing new projects, and issues related to dispute and cancellation
  • Trust Account Regulations
  • Audit Scope of Project Books (Revenue and Cost Statement)
  • Project Financial Reports (User Manual)
  • In-Flow Requests:
    • Developer Equity Payment Request       
    • Mortgage Payment Request      
    • Partner/Investor Equity Fund Payment Request              
    • Buyer Payment Request              
    • Interest/Profit Payment Request            
    • Retention Payment Request
  • Out-Flow Requests:
    • Construction Payment Request
    • Infrastructure Payment Request             
    • Management Payment Request              
    • Marketing/Sales Payment Request        
    • Land Payment Request
    • Reimbursement Payment Request         
    • Loan Payment Request
    • Transfer Payment Request (A/C Completed to A/C Active)         
    • Transfer Payment Request (A/C to Amanat-DLD)             
    • Refund Payment Request           
    • Management Payment Request              
    • Land Payment Request
  • Performance bond process
  • Advance payment process
  • Monthly report preparation process

Harvard GSD Executive Education: Dubai Government Employees

  • Price: Dhs 9600
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
M-370: Managing Developing Communities

​Learn how to help your community transition successfully.

This course offers approaches to the challenges associated with managing developing communities. From community design to operational turnover, you'll explore each stage of development and address potential issues. You'll learn to manage a transition effectively while avoiding legal problems and dissent in the community.
Topics include:

  • Designing and creating communities
  • Developing budgets and managing finances through transition
  • Transition processes following transfer of control
  • Operational turnover
  • Risk management
  • Association and developer expectations

  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
دورة إدارة جمعية الملاك التأهيلية OAM

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 21 hours
  • Register
Certified Commercial Real Estate Broker

The course is aimed at those looking to gain a greater understanding of how the commercial market operates. This includes looking at the governing bodies, the rules, regulations and factors affecting the market.

This course aims to educate through interactive case studies including practical examples and anecdotes from the instructors.

  • Course Objectives:
  1. To recognise how integral, the commercial sector is to the wider economy.
  2. To understand micro and macro factors that influence the commercial sector.
  3. Indications on best practice and how to operate ethically and transparently.
  4. To understand the commercial transaction processes.
  5. To develop a clear understanding of the core skills that are required in commercial transactions such as how to measure and advertise properties.
  6. To gain insight into the legal framework protecting the industry and its workers.


  • Course outline

    The course will be broken down into eleven core elements. These include;

1.       Market overview

What property types form the commercial sector?

2.       Property Measurement  

Why is measurement essential?

What and the different advantages and disadvantages of the methods available?

3.       Value & Investment Appraisal

The methods of valuation, investment analysis and the fundamental concepts.

4.       Leasing, Letting, Sale & Purchase

Methods of disposal and the use of marketing.

5.       Commercial Real Estate Law

The legal framework that should be followed, and its purpose.

6.       Portfolio Theory and Asset Management

Why diversify? The relationship between risk and reward.

7.       Land and development

Financing, Escrows and trust arrangements.

8.       Residual land and Development appraisal

Assessing land prices, data input and sensitivity analysis.

9.       Property Management

Building Pathology, construction contracts and building defects.

10.   Topical Issues

 Sustainability, taxation and disability in the UAE.

11.   Standards and Ethics

 Ant-bribery, core values and property data. 

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
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Certified Real Estate Marketing & Sales Professional

The main goal of the course is to create efficiencies by imbedding best practices for all aspects of the real estate business and at all stages.

Learning Format:

Blended Learning approach using a mix of theory and practice including: lectures, role-play, case studies, work groups and an examination.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for real estate professionals, as well as marketing specialists and executives from real estate development organizations.

Course Outline

This course is organized into the following modules:

Module 1

  • Overview of the Real Estate Business: Provides an understanding the Real Estate Property Cycle and the factors that influence the industry.

Module 2

  • Defining Customer Advocacy:  Introduces the engine that generates Customer Advocacy and describes the journey that customers go through while dealing with a typical real estate firm.

Module 3

  • The Customer Advocacy Process Framework: Provides structure to the Customer Advocacy function so that all the groups involved become familiar with the framework and the role of each group.

Module 4

  • Nurturing Customer Advocacy: Examines what it takes to move beyond the reactive and into the proactive mode of operation – looking at ways to improve processes, communications, and evaluation tools – to ensure that Customer Advocacy is promoted and developed effectively and efficiently.

Module 5

  • Off Plan Model: This Module focuses on the requirements for off plan sales, interim real estate register, project Registration, trust accounts and some legal aspects pertaining to developer/buyer relationship.

Module 6

  • Secondary Market Sales: Addresses the sales models in the secondary market and the developer's role in this process.

Module 7

  • Real Estate Mathematical Concepts: Explores mathematical calculations that are essential at every stage of the sales cycle.

Module 8

  • Understand The Psychology Of Your Client: Learn how buyers make their decisions through a Behavioral Style Test

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
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Advanced Licensing Course for Brokers

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Renewal - Continuous Education Program for Brokers (hold less than 5 years’ Experience)

Renewal - Continuous Education Program for Brokers (hold 5 years’ experience and more)

Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers-Russian

​Welcome to the Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers Course.  Certified Training for RE Brokers approved by RERA and delivered by the Dubai Real Estate Institute, the course has been designed to provide a recognized qualification that has the objective of educating, and raising the standards of practicing real estate professionals that are currently working, or are planning to work, n the Dubai real estate market.

Program core Objectives:
  • Increase industry knowledge and improve standards;
  • Improve awareness relating to the real estate sector;
  • Provide a mandatory qualification necessary to receive or renew a Real Estate License;
  • Raise the standard of ethics practiced by professionals, and promote confidence, in the Dubai real estate market;
  • Provide guidance to real estate brokers, developers and investors.
Добро пожаловать в Сертифицированный Тренинг для Брокеров по Недвижимости официально одобренный RERA и предлагаемый Государственным Институтом Недвижимости Дубая. Курс был детально разработан для предоставления профессиональной квалификации, целью которой является обучение и повышение стандартов практикующих специалистов по недвижимости, которые в настоящее время работают или планируют работать на рынке недвижимости Дубая.

Основные цели программы:

  • Значительно повысить знания в сфере недвижимости и уровень стандартов.
  • Значительно повысить осведомленность обо всех аспектах сферы недвижимости.
  • Предоставить обязательную квалификацию, необходимую для получения или продления лицензии на недвижимость.
  • Поднять стандарт этики, практикуемый профессионалами, и укрепить доверие на рынке недвижимости Дубая.
  • Предоставить профессиональные рекомендации и знания брокерам, застройщикам и инвесторам относительно лучшей и эффективной практики бизнеса.

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers (Hindi-Urdu)

Welcome to the Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers Course.  Certified Training for RE Brokers approved by RERA and delivered by the Dubai Real Estate Institute, the course has been designed to provide a recognized qualification that has the objective of educating, and raising the standards of practicing real estate professionals that are currently working, or are planning to work, n the Dubai real estate market.

Program core Objectives:
  • Increase industry knowledge and improve standards;
  • Improve awareness relating to the real estate sector;
  • Provide a mandatory qualification necessary to receive or renew a Real Estate License;
  • Raise the standard of ethics practiced by professionals, and promote confidence, in the Dubai real estate market;
  • Provide guidance to real estate brokers, developers and investors.

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Register
Renewal Examination for Real Estate Brokers - Russian

Certified Training for Developers Sales Consultants

This mandatory course is specifically designed for sales consultants, brokers &  agents manning developers' marketing & promoting developer's projects on booths, stands & events. In addition to regulating this category of practitioners by certifying them, the course aims at upgrading performance levels to reflect Dubai's image & professional standards.

Goals: The course provides participants with:

  1. General concepts for real estate practitioners including Dubai R/E Regulations and processes
  2. Skills necessary for improving the overall performance of attendees to reflect higher levels of professionalism and expertise.

Topics Covered:

  1. Dubai Real estate market Players
  2. Real estate concepts and definitions
  3. The Business of a broker
  4. Dubai Real Estate Code of Ethics
  5. The Sales Process
  6. Essential skills for a broker

Accredited Diploma in Real Estate

​The  Diploma in Real Estate is an important program designed for professionals working in the real estate sector and it is open for all. It is beneficial in building knowledge and learn about principles of real estate, management and financing. The course also highlights topics related to economy and investment in a balanced approach between theory and practice.

Course Content:
  • Real Estate Principles
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Marketing  
  • Real Estate Economics and Market Analysis
  • Real Estate Valuation and Investment
  • Real Estate Project Management
  • Real Estate Business & Legal Environment

  • Price: Dhs 12000
  • Duration: 42 hours
  • Register
Basics of Success in Brokerage Business

Advance Communication for brokers

Successful in Sales for Brokers

The Industry Master for Brokers

Harvard GSD Executive Education: Investment Strategies in Real Estate

Program Description:

Globalization has made our world smaller and the real estate development practice highly competitive. Every day more and more real estate developers, architects, designers and urban planners choose to broaden their business by adding international scope. To be successful, we need to build solid international business and design strategies based on different factors, which are distinct for each new location.

Without a clear strategy the risk to fail is too big, because there are too many factors at stake at the same time. As developers, we are the “director of the orchestra”, in charge to develop an “action map” that will show the road through a strategic plan which will help us to lead the project from start to finish.

This program will analyze the real estate development process from the point of view of different project stakeholders: the developer, the equity investors, the lender, etc.

You will go over every phase of the project using the “Eight Phases Model”. From the inception of the idea, we will go to the financial feasibility analysis, the creation of the most efficient legal structure, the determination of the optimal capital structure, up to the end of the construction phase, the project management and commercialization.

You will learn how to identify and evaluate the most critical information and assess all the risks and rewards.

In order to evaluate the full potential of a project we will need to learn how to identify externalities, research in which part of the economic cycle that specific market is, and how to address all these ingredients from a risk and opportunity point of view. You will explore how to take advantage of both expansions and recessions, how to prepare our projects for the next cycle, and how to anticipate and outmaneuver competitors.

In these two days, you will study different business cases about international projects all over the world. By looking at international examples and current best practices, we will learn how to assess, measure, and mitigate the risks we would face in particular countries and markets. Lastly, we will learn how to adapt the design of our projects to different cultural environments, as well as how to “export” good design practices from one side of the world to the other.

As real estate developers, architects, designers, and urban planners we need to understand all these “ingredients” in order to design and implement the best investment strategy for a particular market. However, there are not successful projects if the developer does not possess adequate negotiation skills.

In the second part of the program, we will address best practices for negotiating international details, including different negotiation tactics and strategies, common mistakes, understanding your counterparty’s position and BATNA, and the unique challenges that cross-border negotiations pose. The participants will engage in several negotiation exercises where they will be able to practice new tools.

Learning Objectives:
  • Develop guiding principles for the development of real estate strategies.
  • Understand how to create and contribute to a successful real estate investment strategic plan in international markets.
  • Final Outcome: Preliminary guiding principles and method to develop a flexible "action-map”. Identify priority areas for further investigation. Deep-dives into such areas will be addressed in future, more specific programs.
  • Nine sessions with both theory and practical portions; the two-day workshop is highly interactive and active participation of all attendees is required.
  • The structure of the two days will include the study of several business cases, a look at international examples and current best practices, identification of stakeholders, and analyses of new paradigms.
  • Final session will provide a re-usable “action-map” and highlights the need for a broader approach of strategic investments.
  • Participants will learn how to protect investments – theirs and their clients - from risks while discussing: currency hedging; leverage, cross border portfolio, and the most efficient investment structures.
  • Learn the theory behind the real estate cycle in order to anticipate its behavior and make rational investment and design decisions;
  • Understand the different external factors that can affect real estate investments around the world;
  • Understand negotiation dynamics to prepare yourself – on behalf of your organization, or on behalf of your client – to understand parties’ respective interests, claim and create value, and resolve differences to close a deal; and,
  • Learn how different cultural environments can shape the design of our projects.
  • The Eight Stages of the Real Estate Development Process:
    • The Inception and Refinement of the Idea,
    • The Feasibility Study,
    • Contract Negotiation,
    • Legal Structure,
    • The Search of the Optimal Capital Structure,
    • Construction Phase,
    • Marketing,
    • Property Management.

  • Price: Dhs 12800
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
Harvard - TheGrid

  • Price: Dhs 9980.95
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
Dubai International Property Consultant (DIPC)

Welcome to the Dubai International Property Consultant (DIPC) Dubai Course, conducted by DREI. The course is developed to qualify internationally certified real estate professionals to promote, market and sell Dubai real estate properties and developments in the countries in which they are certified.

Course Objectives:
  • Provide a mandatory qualification necessary to receive a real estate certificate issued by DREI
  • Provide a step-by-step guide to buy, sell, market and rent properties in Dubai.
Course outline:

The course, through a series of modules, covers the following topics:
  • A brief history of real estate development in Dubai.
  • Key stakeholders and defined roles.
  • The legal and regulatory framework relating to Dubai’s real estate industry.
  • Developer registration requirements and process in Dubai.
  • Ownership registration requirements and process in Dubai.
  • Landlords & tenants laws.

Renewal Examination for CPM

Harvard - DREI Partner

  • Price: Dhs 9600
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
Special Training for Real Estate Administration

​This RERA approved Certification course is intended as the first step for Real Estate brokerage offices administration personnel interested in pursuing a career path as sales brokers. It provides the necessary knowledge and focuses on the ethical conduct, legal framework and operational aspects of Dubai Real Estate Brokerage business. The course is designed to equip the admin employees with the best practices and raise professional and ethical standards to gain successful leads and win deals.


- Dubai Real Estate Market and Stakeholders

- The Brokerage Business

- Code of Ethics

- Sales Process /Sales Models

- Lease Process

- Owners' Association

- Essential skills

  • Price: Dhs 1900
  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Register
M-201: Facilities Management training 50% dis

  • Price: Dhs 1250
  • Duration: 11 hours
  • Register
Achieving Results for Real Estate Professionals

Learning Objectives & Key Benefits

At the end of this program, participants should be able to understand:

  • What does it mean to be a result oriented individual/ team /organisation ?
  • How do we view this in different areas of the business sales/operations/delivery
  • The importance of planning
  • How to set goals that are achievable
  • Understanding objectives and priorities
  • Understanding key influence in achieving results
  • Understanding the 3 pillars of achievement
  • Measuring results


Who should attend:

Any real estate professional who is in a sales, business development, or managerial position.

Program Prerequisites:

Working to good knowledge of English. Basic experience in Real Estate.

Course Outline

Day 1

Session 1 – Introductions & Orientation

  • Introductions | Icebreakers | Housekeeping
  • Pre-course knowledge assessment

    Course expectations

Session 2 – Meaning of Result-oriented

  • What does it mean to be a result oriented individual/ team /organisation ?
  • Definition of results for individuals, the team and the organization .
  • How individual results and achievements link with the team and organisation.

    Group activity # 1

Session 3 – Case studies and Real-life examples

  • How do we view this in different areas of the business sales/operations/delivery
  • Review real-life challenges and what success looks like for various areas of the business
  • Group activity # 2

Session 4 - The importance of planning

  • Why is planning important and what and how should we plan
  • Long term vs short term planning

Session 5 Understanding key influence in achieving results

  • What are the key criteria that effect results
  • How can we use this criteria to obtain measurable success

Day 2

Session 6 Understanding objectives and priorities

  • Welcome back | Homework check | Revision
  • The difference between objectives and priorities
  • How do we align and objectives to achieve success
  • Group activity # 3

Session 7 Measuring results

  • How do we measure results?
  • How do we define if we have been successful or not?
  • Key measurables for Real Estate
  • Understanding the 3 pillars of achievement
  • Group activity # 4

Session 8 – Summary & Close

  • Summary of lessons learnt
  • Further reading, enhancing insights and knowledge
  • Feedback & Evaluation

  • Price: Dhs 1900
  • Duration: 11 hours
  • Register
International Artificial Intelligence Driving License (IAIDL)

​​This Intensive and Comprehensive competency-based Training Program for anyone who wishes to become fully competent in the use of a AI and future tools. IAIDL modules provide a practical program of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas which are validated by a test.IAIDL provides two level for all age groups  Basic Level  which provide essential knowledge of AI and understand all the related information for our 8 modules. Advance Level which provide Advance knowledge and skill of using and Implementing AI with all its supportive Tools.Both levels will provide you with the Certificate of achievement and Membership.

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 30 hours
  • Register
Chinese - Continuous Education Program for Brokers (hold less than 5 years’ Experience)

Sharjah RD - Accredited Diploma in Real Estate

  • Price: Dhs 6500
  • Duration: 60 hours
  • Register
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