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Request for Registration of Endowment “Waqf” (Family or Charitable Endowment)


This service allows customers to apply to register an endowment (Waqf). The service allows registration of the endowment of a land or property for charity purposes, or to the offspring, relatives, or family members of the deceased. The beneficiaries of endowment (Waqf) are named in the Endowment (Waqf) Document.

The service is provided by the Registration and Documentation Section.

Required Documents
  1. A request submitted by the Endower
  2. Declaration of Family/ Charitable Endowment
  3. Copy of the Passports
  4. Family Books
  5. Emirates ID Cards of the persons to whom the endowment is made
  6. Original Title Deed

Service Procedures

The customer shall head to the Dubai Land Department, Customer Happiness Centre  enclosing all required documents, settling the fees and signing documents. After the internal audit is complete, the title deed and map will be printed and handed over to customer.

Service Fee
  • AED 2,000 per land plot registered as Family or Charity Endowment (Waqf)
  • AED 250 as Title Deed issuance fees
  • Map Issuance Fees (based on the type of property)
  • AED 10 Knowledge Fees
  • AED 10 Innovation fees
Service Branches

Dubai Land Department- Main Office

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