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Request for Transfer of Tenancy Agreement Ending with Acquisition of Title (Initial Registration)

This service allows clients to register a request for the transfer of a tenancy agreement ending with acquisition of title between the owner and the new financing entity.
Required Documents


  1. Title deed
  2. NOC letter from the previous bank registering the transfer of tenancy
  3. Letter from the new bank stating the amount of tenancy and start and end dates
  4. Identity card of the owner
Service Procedures

​The client shall apply for the service through a service channel approved by the Real Estate Registration Trustees and the Special Registration Unit, enclosing all required documents, settling the fees, and automatically sending the procedure to the Department through the system. The application shall be reviewed and then returned to the Centre, where the title deed and balances will be printed and handed over to the client.

Service Fee
  • 0.25% of the tenancy value
  • 10 Knowledge Dirham
  • 10  Innovation Dirham
Registration Trustee fees:
  • 4,000 AED fee is calculated
Special Registration Unit fees: 
  • For citizens, a real estate disposal transaction shall be completed urgently for a fee of 5,000 AED
  • 10  Knowledge Dirham 
  • 10  Innovation Dirham
Service Branches
  • Main Office Special Registration Unit
  • Registration Trustees Offices (outside)
  • Project Registration Section (DSR) System


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