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Application for a Course

This service allows clients of the Dubai Dubai Land Department wishing to engage in various real estate activities to be enrolled in real estate courses to satisfy the requirements for conducting the real estate business in the Emirate of Dubai.

This service is provided by Dubai Real Estate Institute

Required Documents
Filling the form electronically - Registration application
Required data:
  1. Passport and ID Card
  2. Residence permit for non-UAE nationals
  3. Commercial license (if any)
  4. Primary approval from the Economic Development
* In case of renewal, data of the last training certificate from the Institute and a copy of the broker card


Service Procedures
 Filling in the form electronically through while fulfilling the e-payment procedures  
Service Fee

* Please Note that all our courses fees are subject to a 5% VAT plus AED 20  knowledge and Innovation fees

Certified Training:-

Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers : 3000 Dirhams


Certified Real Estate Surveyors Training: 3000 Dirhams
Certified Training for Real Estate Valuers: 6000 Dirhams
Preparation Course for Real Estate Brokers: 500 Dirhams
Certified Property Management Training (CPM): 3000 Dirhams
Registration Trustee Training: 2500 Dirhams
Registration Trustee Diploma: 5000 Dirhams
Real Estate Project s Trust Account Course: 3000 Dirhams
Certified Mortgage Broker Course (CMB): 3000 Dirhams
Renewal Examination for Timeshare Brokers: 700 Dirhams
Renewal Examination for CPM: 700 Dirhams
Ejari Master Training: 500 Dirhams
OQOOD SYSTEM MASTER Training: 7000 Dirhams
OQOOD Property Termination Training: 500 Dirhams
Preparation Course for Trust Accounts: 500 Dirhams
Two Subject of Diploma Course: 4000 Dirhams
M-100: The Essentials of Community Association Management Course [OAM]: 3000 Dirhams
Risk Management training [M- 205]: 2500 Dirhams
Association Communications [M-202]: 2000 Dirhams
Community Leadership [M-203]: 2000
Facility Management training [M-201]: 2500
Financial Management Course [M-206]: 2500
Leadership Practices in Building Community [M-360]: 2500
Community Governance [M-204]: 2500

Executive training:-

Expectation Management & Problem Solving:2000 Dirhams

Sales Negotiations in Real Estate Relationships: 2000 Dirhams

Best Practices in Real Estate Selling and Leasing: 1000 Dirhams
Cross Cultural Training for Real Estate Professionals: 2000 Dirhams
Communication and Presentation Skills for Real Estate Professionals: 2000 Dirhams
Customer Service for Excellence in Real Estate Relationships: 2000 Dirhams
Real Estate Communication & Negotiation Skills: 500 Dirhams
Real Estate Awareness Modules 700 Dirhams
VAT in the Real Estate Sector: 700 Dirhams
Trust Account system (TAS): 1000 Dirhams

International Certification :-

Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS): 6000 Dirhams
Certified Real Estate Brokerage Management (CRB): 5000 Dirhams
Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR): 3500 Dirhams

Service Branches

Dubai Land Department- Main Office
(Dubai Real Estate Institute)
Dubai Land Department Website


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