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Request of Supervising Sale of Property in Firms Auction

This service allows clients to provide Supervision of Dubai Land Department on properties announced for sale in auction by real estate companies authorized to organize public auctions 
 The service is provided by the Department of Real  Estate Registration Services- Dubai Smart Property Marketplace Follow-up Section


Required Documents
  1. Orginal Title Deed 
  2. Statement of Real Property
  3. Request Letter from the official entity / Dubai Courts
Service Procedures

​The Company official representative have to visit Dubai Land Department Real Estate Registration Services, Dubai Smart Property Marketplace Follow-up Section and submit all property information with request letter from the official entity and paying the fees then permit to hold outside auction is granted 

Service Fee
  • AED 10,000 for Auction Procedure 
  • AED 10 Knowledge Fees
  • AED 10 Innovation fees 
Service Branches

Dubai Land Department- Main Office

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