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Request to Subscribe to Real Estate Sustainability Standards Program

In line with the government’s initiative “Green Economy for Sustainable Development”, the real estate sustainability standards were launched to be applied on the sustainable cities projects where the project is qualified to obtain Mohammed bin Rashid Certificate for Sustainable Real Estate 

The service is provided by the Real Estate Investment Promotion and Management Centre.
Required Documents

Real Estate Sustainability Standards:  
  •  Investment Standards  
    1. Volume of investment 
    2. Expected returns on investment
    3. Returns on investment in green economy (energy efficiency)  
  • Urban and Construction Standards  
    1. Local green construction standards in Dubai, in cooperation with Dubai Municipality and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority 
    2. LEED Neighborhood/ LEED Silver standards, or equivalent standards (Green Construction Standards for Residential Complexes)
  • Cultural and Social Standards  
    1. Adoption of Local community employment policies
    2. Support of local community volunteer organizations 
    3. Adoption of skills development and training plan
    4. Adoption of health and safety policy  
    5. Policy for the Workers Residence and Rights
    6. Policy for Social Liability
Service Procedures

​The customer shall head to Dubai Land Deparmtnet , the Investment Manangemnt and Promotion Centre and submit the required document, once the internal procdedures end the customer will be contacted to come and recieve Mohamed bin Rashid Certificare for sustinablity in real estate

Service Fee

Service Branches
Main Branch- Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Centre
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