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Request for a Map

  1. This service allows customers to request issuing a property map according to the types of maps approved by the Planning Section at Dubai Land Department. In case of requesting the sub-division or amalgamation of land plots and issuance of maps, the request will be referred to the GIS Team to verify the planning information of the original, new, or sub-divided land plots based on the information provided by the planning authority (Dubai Municipality – Tecom – Nakheel – Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority –Meydan)
  2. A report on the amalgamation or sub-division of a land or the sub-division of a property shall be prepared and submitted to the customer. The customer then opens the request at the Customer Service Department and pays the fees
  3. Transferring the transaction through the system to the Planning Department which in turn will issue the final map and submit it to the Customer Service Department
  4. If there is a difference in the area of the land registered in Dubai Land Department with the total area of the separated land, the land area must first be adjusted and then complete the required transaction
Required Documents
  1. Copy of the land Title Deed or copy of the map or land number
  2. A letter from the owner (in case he does not attend)
  3. Original Emirates ID Card
Service Procedures

In case of Owners
The client shall attend in person one of Real Estate Services Trustees Centres and submit all the required documents and pay the fees once the transaction is completed, the client will be delivered the map

In case of Developers
Log in to Oqood Portal- Real Estate Developers Portal and submit all required Documents and pay electronically
or apply to the service through Dubai-Rest App

Service Fee
  • AED 100 land map
  • AED 250 apartment map
  • AED 3,000 common areas map
  • AED 250 villa map
  • AED 10 Knowledge Fees
  • AED 10 Innovation fees
Service Branches

Real Estate Services Trustees
Oqood Portal- Real Estate Developers Portal
Dubai Rest App

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