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Real Estate Portfolio

It constitutes a Tablet PC, a scanner, a printer, barcode reader, and link to internet which permits the employee to carry out the process of sale, mortgage or donation, or the rent as main services or similar procedures required by the clients, and complete the procedure and deliver to the customers all the required instruments without reaching to the Department and in a very short time.

Main Idea

Providing various real estate disposition services at times and places which the client determines in the Emirate of Dubai through the real estate registrars.

Providing services for Very Important Persons who prefer obtaining the required services in the places and at times which suit them.

The client obtains the results of the required service including documents such as a title deed or any other documents through one visit only whereby the service is provided and the procedures are completed to the client.

The client shall visit the premises after taking a prior appointment with the registrar office, and complete the required procedure and then return to the registrar's office directly. And it shall not be used except for this purpose only.

Clients Category:

Owners, real estate developers, real estate brokers, real estate investors and banks


The sum of 2000 Dirhams per visit regardless of the number of transactions.


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