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Taqyimee Smart Application

Taqyimee is a smart platform from DLD to connect owners and third-party valuators. Owners/owner representatives can view and select DLD approved third-party valuators from Taqyimee mobile application and request for valuation of their properties.

Third-party valuators will accept, reject and assign valuation requests and coordinate with requestors to conduct valuation process offline. Once valuation activities completed, then valuators have an option to submit the summary of valuation and issue certificate of the valuation.

Key Features:

Regulate the valuation process by bringing requestors and valuators in one platform and track the proceedings.
Smart services for valuators. 
In-line with the 10X strategy of ‘all services in one place’
Monitor /compare the DLD valuations with third-party valuations.
Accessible through all smart devices (Androids and IOS)

Targeted Audience:

Owner Representatives
Valuation Companies
Government Entities

Application Channels


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