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Dubai Brokers Application

Dubai Brokers is a smart application launched for the real estate agents, investors, to provide accurate, and real time information about Dubai Brokers and Real Estate Agents Offices that licensed and approved by Dubai Land Department.
Application provides qualitative and quantitative classification of brokers:
  • By ratings based on performance and efficiency records of accomplishment.
  • By citizenships (UAE Nationals vs. expats).
  • By specializations to sell real estate properties.
Dubai Broker application also provides services like:
  • Provide ownership certificate verification service, to increase efficiency, speed of service delivery, reduce cost, control manipulation, and counterfeit.
  • E-card service for the real estate broker, which is a smart substitute to traditional card.
  • Issuing real estate permits.
  • Purchase / sale property service by creating the related contracts then complete the procedure of ownership transfer of the property through the Registration Trustees offices.

  • Helps investors in selecting highly qualified Real Estate Brokers.
  • Integrates with Dubai Land Departments brokers property management system (Trakhesi)
  • Uses DLD's backend data to ensure the integrity of the data listed.
  • Performs multiple validation processes to ensure the integrity of the data listed.
  • provides the ownership certificate verification service
  • Eliminating the practice unlicensed real estate brokerage by providing licensed brokers list.
  • Saving the cost of generating and printing of the traditional card and save the destruction costs in case of the expiry date of the card.
  • Provide a smart and easy tool to validate broker  information.
  • Available in both web and smart application channels (Androids and IOS)

Application Channels


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