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Rental Disputes Center Application

RDC is an online rental disputes litigation system provides a fully automated cycle of litigation management starting from online registration, auditing, payment, and ending with online archiving allowing all concerned parties to refer to all related documents whenever needed. After registration, systematic engine will assign disputes according to committee’s availability and specialties and manage all future scheduling for sessions and assignments.
RDC tailored to automate all rental disputes center procedures, including scheduling, holding sessions, drafting verdicts, capturing e-signature for various approvals and tracking of disputes history in all its phases starting from mediation and going through rental, appeal, and objection and up to enforcement.

  • Registration of Rental Dispute Cases (primary cases, the Magistrate cases and cases of appeal)
  • Registration and follow-up urgent requests, follow-up Implementation of the provisions and notifications
  • Ability to query the status of requests and pay the fees electronically through the e-payment gateway (Noqodi)
  • Archive all documents related to the requests and provide the ability to research and queried at any time
  • Provide accurate statistics and reports on the type and cases of rental disputes and the provide the ability to research and queried at any time
  • Accessible through all internet browsers and smart devices (Androids and IOS)

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