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Request for Map Approval

This service allows the developers to apply for the approval of the real estate maps according to the types of approved maps in the survey section services at the Department through the approved survey companies
This service is provided by the Technical Affairs Department

Required Documents

Request for Map Approval:

  1. Approved architectural plan of the whole building in electronic form.
  2. Table of information of the units of the building in electronic form.
  3. Plans of units in electronic form.
  4. Common area map in electronic form.
  5. Additional parking area map in electronic form.
Service Procedures
In case of Developers
Log in to Real Estate Developers Portal and submit all required Documents and pay electronically
Service Forms
Service Required Time 4 Working Days
Service Fee

Request for Map Approval

  • Approval of Map of Plot/ Real Estate Unit/ Villa and Appurtenances: 50 Dirhams
  • Approval of Plot Common Area Map: 250 Dirhams
  • Approval of Building Common Areas Map: 350 Dirhams
  • Approval of Building Map: 500 Dirhams
  • Approval of 3-D Building Common Areas Map: 500 Dirhams
  • Approval of 3-D Volumetric Map (BMS): 1,000 Dirhams
  • 10 Knowledge Dirham
  • 10 Innovation Dirham   
Service Branches
  • Real Estate Developers Portal
An Option to Perform the Service Online
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