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Execution Proceeding


​This service enables customers to enforce all kinds of claims (eviction, monetary claim, lease renewal, etc.).

Required Documents
1. Original judgment stamped with Enforcement Seal.
2. Enforcement Writ detailing the claims mentioned in the dispositive part of the judgment and Notification of Enforcement Writ.
3. In the event of litigant being a natural person, s/he should attach a copy of her/his Emirates ID, and in the event of being a legal person/corporate body (company or establishment), copy of manager’s Emirates ID (stated so in the Commercial License) together with the latest copy of Commercial License. 
4. Details of leased property, its type and Makani Number (if available)
5. A passport copy of Enforcement Defendant, if s/he is a natural person, in accordance with dispositive part of the judgment, along with residence visa (for expatriate) and a copy of Emirates ID.
6. Personal data of Enforcement Claimant and Enforcement Defendant (landline, mobile, email and physical address)
7. Receipts of court fee and case expenses
8. A copy of receipt of security deposit on Appeal (if available)
9. A copy of inheritance certificate for the heirs if (Lessor) is deceased.
10. A copy of Notorised Power of Attorney for legal agent and Emirates ID. In the event of being a law firm, must attach Commercial License of the law firm and being its representative, should produce an authorization/POA from the law firm. 
11. A letter from bank or bank statement mentioning Enforcement Claimant’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number).
Note: All documents must be uploaded on the Rental Disputes Center website according to the sections described in the system as no hard copies shall be entertained.
Service Procedures

​Execution Proceeding service can be availed through the website ( or through the external registration centers (Real Estate Services Trustee) having all required documents attached and fees paid. Phase one is to notify other party, and in the event of failure to notify, the notification shall be published after the payment of its fee. In the meantime, all enquiries pertinent to the execution file are done. The second phase, after the notification is eviction followed by financial claims procedures. Execution occasionally requires preparation of a report by the competent expert after the payment of expert’s fees. The file shall be closed after enforcing the judgment delivered by judicial committees.

Service Fee
​​In case of eviction 1% of the annual lease amount - AED 5000 (Maximum)
AED 100 Service
AED 105 Fast Track “Tableegh” Notification
AED 25 Registration of Power of Attorney (if applicable)
AED 10 Knowledge
AED 10 Innovation
Service Branches
Website (
Real Estate Services Trustees  

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