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First Instance Lawsuit


​This service enables customers to sue in First Instance for all kinds of claims. 

Required Documents

​1. Plaint detailing the reasons of lawsuit and summary of claims. 

2. A copy of latest lease (Ejari).
3. In the event of litigant being a natural person, s/he should attach a copy of her/his Emirates ID, and in the event of being a legal person/corporate body (company or establishment), copy of manager’s Emirates ID (stated so in the Commercial License) together with the latest copy of Commercial License. 
4. A copy of plot map or new Title Deed issued by Dubai Land Department.
5. A copy of certificate of ownership if the leased premises are located in Freehold areas.
6. Personal data of Plaintiff and Defendant (landline, mobile, email).
7. Details of leased property, its type and Makani Number.
8. A copy of the Landlord’s passport along with residence visa (for expatriate) and Emirates ID.
9. A copy of the Tenant’s passport along with residence visa (for expatriate).
10. Proof stating contractual relationship between Lessor and leasing office; lease, management contract in force or Power of Attorney.
11. A copy of inheritance certificate for heirs if (lessor) is deceased.
12. A copy of Notorised Power of Attorney for legal agent and Emirates ID. In the event of being a law firm, must attach Commercial License of the law firm and being its representative, should produce an authorization/POA from the law firm. 
13. A letter from bank or bank statement mentioning Plaintiff’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number).
14. A copy of correspondence such as: notices, irregularities, electricity and water consumption bills, etc., (if applicable).
15. A copy of “Offer and Deposit” receipt when claiming lease renewal (if any)
16. A copy of Notorised Notice along with notification officer’s report or Registered Post along with receipt of Notice acknowledgement in case of eviction claim. 
17. All documents must be submitted in or translated legally into Arabic.
Note: All documents must be uploaded on the Rental Disputes Center website according to the sections described in the system as no hard copies shall be entertained.
Service Procedures

​First Instance Lawsuit service can be availed through the website ( or through the external registration centers (Real Estate Services Trustee) having all required documents attached and fees paid. Phase one is to check and approve the claim, the second phase is to notify other party and in the event of failure to notify, the notification shall be published after the payment of its fee, and the final phase is to appear before hearing sessions, and sometimes it requires preparation of a report by the competent expert after the payment of expert’s fees, and then First Instance Judgement shall be issued.

Service Fee

​Not less than (AED 500) and not more than (AED 20,000) 3.5% of Annual Rent or Rental Amount if it is more or less than a year 

in the following cases (eviction, lease renewal, rent claim, termination of lease in force, and return to the premises previously evicted from for demolition and reconstruction
Not less than (AED 500) and not more than (AED 15,000) 3.5% of Claimed Amount in case of monetary Claims 
AED 500 In case of demanding the landlord handover of documents to turn them in to Authorities
AED 100 Service
AED 105 Fast Track “Tableegh” Notification
AED 25 Registration of Power of Attorney (if applicable)
AED 10 Knowledge
AED 10 Innovation
 **If the suit includes additional claims, surcharges thereof shall be calculated according to the type of claims. 
Service Branches

​Website (

Real Estate Services Trustees  (external registration centres) 
Related Services Dubai Rental Dispute Center
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