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Request for Completion of Deferred Procedures

  • Initial Sale - Initial Sale Registration
    • This service allows investors to issue the title deed in their names after settling the whole value of the real estate
  • Initial Mortgage - Initial Mortgage Registration
    • This service allows customers to issue a mortgage deed
  • Tenancy Ending with Acquisition (Initial) - Tenancy Ending with Acquisition (Initial Registration)
    • This service allows customers to issue a title deed of tenancy ending with acquisition
  • Initial Usufruct - Initial Usufruct Registration
    • This service allows Usufruct holders to issue Usufruct title deeds

The service is provided by the Real Estate Registration Services Department – Projects Registration Section.

Required Documents
  1. Developers Self-Registration DSR
  2. Sale and purchase agreement
  3. Valid copy of the purchaser’s passport
  4. ID copy
  5. Copy of the commercial licence and copy of the owner’s/owners’ passport (if the purchaser is a company) + ID card
  6.  Copy of the mortgage letter/financing from the financer/mortgagor (only in case of mortgage and lease)
  7. Copy of the memorandum of association
Service Procedures
The customer shall apply for the service through- Oqood Portal - DSR enclosing all required documents and settling the fees
Service Fee

If registration fees have already been collected:

  • AED 250 title deed issuance fee
  • AED 10 Knowledge Fees
  • AED 10 Innovation fees

Issuance of a map:

  • AED 250 fee for residential units/villas  + AED 10 Knowledge Fees + AED 10 Innovation fees 
  • AED 100 fee for residential lands + AED 10 Knowledge Fees  + AED 10 Innovation fees
Service Branches

Oqood Portal- Real Estate Developers Portal

Related Services Real Estate Services Trustees - Oqood System
Additional Information


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