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Request to Rename a Real Estate Project

This service allows applying for completion/ transfer/ change of the information of a project as a result of the change of the registration information. The developer adjusts his status with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency and complies with the provisions of Law No. (8) of 2007.

The service is provided by the Real Estate Developers Registration Section  the Real Estate Trust Account Development Department.

Required Documents
  1. Letter to Rename a Real Estate Project that state the reasons
  2. No Objection Letter from the master developer consenting to the new name
  3. List of Investor names are provided with a copy of a notice informing investors of the change
  4. Contact Person Data Form.
  5. Form for registration of a Project.
  6. Undertaking a development contract or without a contract
  7. Submission of the original previous certification.
  8. Filling out the advertisement form and the developer shall announce through thr approved newspaper (one in Arabic and another in English) for 3 days and provide the department with the original copies of the advertisement
Service Procedures

The developer shall head to the Dubai Land Department - main office to submit the application accompanied with all required documents. Then the client is contacted to receive the advertisement and start the required procedures and then once the client is done with the advertisement he shall head to Dubai Land Department along with the Advertisement and once the internal procedure is complete by Dubai Land Department the client is contacted to receive the certificate.

Service Fee


Service Branches

Dubai Land Department- Main Office

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