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Request for Approval of Services Fees

This service allows customers to inquire about the approved 
service fees for co-owned projects.The service is provided by the Real Estate Relations Regulatory Department.

Required Documents
1. Submittal of Request of Approval of Services Fees
2. Detailed statement of the services’ fees 
3. Copies of all contracts (maintenance, services, supplies, management, insurance), and copies of the commercial licenses of water and electricity invoices, air-conditioning invoices, main complex fees and reserve amount
4. Copy of external auditor’s report issued by an auditor certified by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency 
5. In case of owners associations, the applicant will submit a No Objection Letter from the Board of Directors of the Owners Association to RERA approving the services fees 
6. In absence of an owners association, the developer will submit an undertaking to start forming the owners association

Service Procedures

Heading to Dubai Land Department, main building, Real Estate Relations Regulatory Department, accompanied with all required documents. Upon completion of the internal procedures, a telephone call or an e-mail will be sent to notify the customer of the completion of the transaction and publishing the services’ fees data on the website in the services’ fees index 

Service Fee
Service Branches

Dubai Land Department- Main Office

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