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Request for Card Renewal


This service allows customers to apply for card renewal at Dubai Land Department.
The service is provided by the Real Estate Firms and Brokers Registration Section at the Department of Real Estate Licensing Services for each of the request of renewal of real estate broker card, timeshare broker, real estate developer, mortgage broker, real estate registration trustee; and valuators license section at the Real Estate Licensing Department for the renewal of a real estate valuator card.

Required Documents

Request for card renewal of real estate broker, timeshare broker, real estate developer, mortgage broker and real estate registration trustee.

  1. Copy of valid Passport, copy of the citizen file (for UAE nationals) or residence permit (for non-UAE nationals), and copy of the Emirates ID Card
  2. Certificate approved by Dubai Real Estate Institute for card renewal (depending on the type of card).
    Note: All sales personnel must be registered and issued a Real Estate Broker Card.

Request for renewal of real estate valuator card

  1. Personal Photo
  2. Passport and ID copy
Service Procedures
The customer shall apply for the service electronically through Trakheesi system enclosing all documents. After receiving electronical approval, a notice of acceptance of the application shall be sent through the system and the fees shall be paid through the systems through various methods. The card shall be sent by mail.
Service Fee
  • Renewal of a broker card: AED 520 AED
  • Renewal of a timeshare broker card: AED 520
  • Renewal of developer card: AED 520
  • Renewal of registration trustee card: AED 520
  • Renewal of mortgage broker card: AED 520 
  • Renewal of real estate valuator card: AED 5,020
  • Renewal of trainee valuator card: AED 520 
Service Branches

Trakheesi System

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