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Owners Association

A non-profit organization that has an independent legal entity from its members, and has the rights to prosecute. It is responsible for the management, monitoring, maintenance of joint areas within the Jointly Owned Property, where each unit owner is granted membership at the Owners Association.

How is it formed

The Owners Association is formed by force of law upon the issuance of the first ownership of a property unit within a Jointly Owned Property by the Dubai Land Department and in accordance with regulations, where the association has to be registered with RERA.

How is it managed

The Owners Association is managed by a board of directors elected by unit owners within the project in freehold ownership areas. The board comprises 5 to 7 members in addition to three provisional members, with a board chairman elected as well. The board is responsible for managing the Owners Association either by:

  • Appointing an association director, who is one of the owners that should be granted a management permission by RERA
  • Contracting with a management services company that is registered and licensed by RERA

Owners’ Associations’ Process Mechanism

Owners’ Associations’ Process Mechanism

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