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Course Category
Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers

A dedicated course for brokers and agents working in the real estate sector of all disciplines and for those looking to start a career in this field. This course will turn you into an expert and enhance your knowledge about Dubai real estate market along with understanding the property transactions and procedures followed.

Course Content:

1.Legal environment
2.Code of ethics
3.Property registration & transfer of ownership procedures
4.Broker standard contractual forms
6.Introduction to owner’s association
7.Basic Skills

Course Objectives:

Increase practitioners knowledge and efficiency
Build real estate awareness and knowledge
Qualify interested parties to work in the real estate sector and to support them with the basic professional skills.
Passing this course is a pre-requisite for obtaining your broker’s license.

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Register
Renewal Examination for Real Estate Brokers
Certified Training for Real Estate Timeshare Brokers

This course is designed to qualify timeshare brokers and to equip them with professional skills. The course covers the legal aspects and the importance of investor protection in this sector and the contracts associated with this profession.

Course Content:

1.The legal environment for the sale of timeshare
2.Code of ethics
3.Land Department role in the timeshare industry
4.Importance of protecting the consumer / investor
5.Contracts in timeshare
6.Timeshare strategies
7.The art of marketing, promotion and sale of the property on a timeshare

Course Objectives:

Educate timeshare brokers about the laws and regulations that govern the industry.
Develop the basic skills necessary for timeshare brokers.
Support brokers with the needed skills to attract buyers and investors
  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 21 hours
  • Register
Certified Diploma in Real Estate

The Certified Diploma in Real Estate is an important program designed for professionals working in the real estate sector and it is open for all. It is beneficial in building knowledge and learn about principles of real estate, management and financing. The course also highlights issues related to economy and investment in a balanced approach between theory and practice.

Course Content:

1.Real Estate Principles

2.Property Management

3.Property Marketing

4.Real Estate Economics and Market Analysis

5.Real Estate Valuation and Investment

6.Real Estate Project Management
7.Real Estate Business & Legal Enironment

Course Objectives:

Develop efficiencies by enhancing the best practices in the real estate market.
Provide comprehensive insights about the real estate market and marketing, including legal, technical, investment and financial aspects.
Provide study cases to enhance understanding and market analysis.
This course is considered an opportunity for those who didn’t obtain a post – secondary degree.
  • Price: Dhs 12000
  • Duration: 49 hours
  • Register
Facility Management [FM] Course

Gain a competitive edge by joining one of the leading facility management courses presented by Dubai Real Estate Institute in collaboration with Middle East Facility Management association.

Course Objectives:

1-Introduction to FM

2-Operations and Maintenance

3-Sustainability in FM

4-Case studies

5-Project Management for FM

6-Leadership and Strategy

7-Case studies


  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Certified Real Estate Surveyors Training

The course aims to qualify real estate surveyors and raise their professional skills and knowledge about policies and best practices associated with this profession. It highlights the guidelines issued by Dubai land Department regarding surveying of jointly owned properties.

Course Content:

1.Survey Principles.

2.Guidelines approved by the Land Department of jointly owned properties survey.

3.Surveying Framework and criteria related reports.

Course Objectives:

Educate surveyors accredited about the rules and regulations that govern the profession and criteria in determining gross and net space common areas.
Reduce the uncertainty  which arises in surveying issues between investors and developers such as areas.
  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Corporate Governance Workshop for Real Estate Developers [Hawkamah]


The workshop introduces international best practices, in comparison to current practices in the region, and how best to improve on these. Participants also gain a strategic understanding on the changing corporate governance landscape and practices in relation to the real estate sector. The Developers Workshop is an essential learning tool to understand current governance practices and implement them.

Course Objective

  • Provide participants with up-to-date materials, best practice and practical insights into governance and board leadership in the real estate sector;
  • Develop understanding of the corporate governance and ethical values and principles as they relate to the real estate sector and practical implementation requirements;
  • Equip directors to learn to disclosure and reporting requirements as required by laws;
  • Promote shareowner rights; and transfer knowledge in areas of corporate governance assessment and techniques on writing the corporate governance report.
  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Property Inspection Training
  • Price: Dhs 2000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Sales Negotiations in Real Estate Relationships
Real Estate Associate Development (READ)

​The course aims to introducing the basics and methodologies of  development  the real estate industry from the project planning to the end, comprehensive process design, financing, management and the feasibility study for the purpose of disseminating best sound concepts and behaviors to manage the process of real estate development.​

  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Customer Service for Excellence in Real Estate Relationships

Provide professionals working in the real estate industry about best practices and skills in customer service to enhance their occupational level in dealing with the clients.


Course Content:

1. Understanding how customer service functions.
2. Appreciate your role and responsibility in providing customer care.
3. Explore the difference between internal and external customers and how to serve both.
4. Key elements of customer care.
5. Learn how to “Wow” customers.


Course Objectives:

 Learn the fundamentals of customer care.
• Understand how to keep your clients close.
• Know the 4 types of customer service and how to apply them in your profession.
Introduction for Real Estate Financing for brokers


The course provides basics of real estate financing and its types, in addition to the role of sale broker and mortgage broker in financing process. The course will highlight the different fees between Islamic and traditional financing in real estate sector. 

Course Content:

1.Explore background of finance and its impact on a typical sales cycle.

2.The roles and responsibilities within the  financed sales transaction.

3.How finance can assist a Real Estate broker in qualifying a prospect and making a sale.

4.practical presentation on what influences the amount someone can borrow, who provides finance and the range of products in the market.

Course Objective:

•Understand the background on how property finance has developed in the Dubai market and the United Arab Emirates.

•Learn how to employ your knowledge of property finance in your real estate sales


•Learn why Finance is Important to the real  estate market.

Real Estate Negotiation and Communication Skills


Communication represents an important key role in human life, his social and economic relationships, and the negotiation is an important part from the communication. The course aims to develop the negotiation skills and the dialogue for those who are working in the real estate market and dealing with customers by offering a range of tips and instructions for how to improve the process of negotiation to achieve the best desired results.



Course Content:

1.The Basics of negotiation skills.
2.The negotiation process.
3.Lessons to learn from great negotiators.
4.The evolvement of commercial communication.
5.The use of relevant communication channels.
6.Communication skills.
7.Samples of letters and cast studies.



Course Objective:

Strengthening relationships with your clients.
Closing more deals in an efficient and effective manner.
Meeting demands by eliciting information effectively.
Resolving misunderstandings and disputes while maintaining a professional mind-set.
Preparation course for Real Estate Brokers

This preparation course is short and focuses on enhancing the brokers' skills and updating them with any changes to real estate laws, procedures or transactions related issues.

Course Content:

1.Brief about the legal framework of the real estate market in Dubai.
2.Code of Ethics
3.Property registration
4.Broker’s contract forms and procedures of property ownership transfer
5.Case Study & Mock Exam

Course Objectives:

Continuous update of broker’s real estate knowledge as per the changes in the market.
Support brokers with knowledge about the market and principles of working in this sector.
Awareness of possible obstacles and challenges a broker may face and how to overcome them.
Property Development Feasibility Analysis


This course will prove to be a valuable asset for individuals working in the property development sector. The course represents a basic overview of the concepts of property development practices comprising of:



Course Content:

1.Valuation and feasibility theory;
2.Land acquisition due diligence;
3.Marketing and market research;
4.Finance application;
5.Construction process and delivery;
6.Regulatory environment practical tools (on system training);
7.Case study.



Course Objective:

Introducing the fundamentals of feasibility studies.
Proper planning for real estate projects through real life examples where these concepts are applied.
  • Price: Dhs 3800
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Certified Property Management Training (CPM)

The CPM is a qualification course designed to educate those involved in property management and leasing services. This course delivers a comprehensive look at the rules and regulations related to property management, it also explains in details the role of a property manager, work strategies and important guidelines.

Course Content:

1.Introduction to property management.
2.The role of a property manager in ensuring the best returns on investment
3.Property management process
4.Important activities in property management
5.Leasing management and contracts
6.Rent regulations  and disputes

Course Objectives:

Increase the knowledge efficiency in property market business.
Educate property and leasing managers to run transactions professionally.
Educate property managers about legal aspects and regulations that affect their work.
Elimination of bad practices and procedures in property management.
The skills of property managers in developing plans
  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)

The accredited CIPS Certificate is deigned to develop the skills of professional working in the real estate industry and to support them with an international perspective of knowledge and to build networking opportunities with professionals from around the world. This course presents an overview of the international real estate business environment, including practices, opportunities and challenges.



Course Content:

1. Global Real Estate: Local Markets
2. Europe & International Real Estate
3. The Americas and International Real Estate
4. The Business of U.S. Real Estate
5..The Middle East and Africa & International Real Estate



Course Objective:

Overview of the international real estate business environment;
Awareness of Globalization of economies, International capital flow & effects of currency exchange on transactions;
Learn about opportunities for referrals to help build your global real estate business.​
  • Price: Dhs 6000
  • Duration: 40 hours
  • Register
M-201: Facility Management training

This course is designed to enhance the experience of owners association managers in facility management. Educate them on how to develop their facilities and properties according to best practices in order to maintain & improve their communities.

Course Content:

1.Strategies & principles of Facility Management.
2.Identify the physical assets the community association must maintain.

Course Objectives:

Inspect physical assets
Evaluate existing maintenance programs and management controls
Analyze a maintenance contract for weaknesses
Identify the basic elements for a disaster plan
Prepare a request for proposal, including bid specifications
Review bid proposals
Monitor fulfillment of a contract
  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
M-100: The Essentials of Community Association Management Course [OAM]

DREI presents this course for landlords, developers and owners association managers. It is aimed at spreading awareness and education about the real estate environment. It provides better understanding of applicable laws and procedures in the market. It also increases professionalism for owners association managers and members of the board. Moreover, it uplift the confidence among investors and landlords.

Course Content:

1.Legal Framework.
2.Fundamentals of Owner Association Managements
3.Fundamentals of Facility Management & Services

Course Objectives:

Highlight the role and importance of owners association and to understand the applicable rules and regulations in this regard.
Teaching attendees about their rights and duties as landlords, the role of other relevant parties and public interest.
Introduce best practices in managing sales, facilities and services and how to implement them.
  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Register
M-205: Risk Management training


This course gives the managers of owners association the needed education and knowledge about risk management at their communities and how to eliminate these risk through various methods including full insurance services.

Course Content:

1.Risk management for owners association.
2.Importance of insurance in managing risks.

Course Objectives:

Identify key aspects of risk management plans
Follow up and execution of contracts
Risk management techniques
Managing insurance claims
Monitor and improve owners association plan for risk management
  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Roadmap to Customer Advocacy in Real Estate

The course provides holistic overview of how to ensure customer loyalty in real estate sector and aimed at developing the competence of real estate brokers in serving the clients and ensure their loyalty. The course will highlight techniques and guidelines in developing customer service to ensure the success of the company and achieving customer satisfaction.

Course Content:

1.How do we create Customer Advocacy and make it part of our day to day and long term activities?

2.How do we nurture the Customer Advocacy function?

Course Objective:

•Assess customer needs and exceed their expectations.

•Establish an institutional and practical definition for the role of marketing, sales and after-sales in the customer journey.

•Improve critical thinking skills to resolve incidents quickly and consistently.

•Satisfy customers by using active listening skills and effective communication and negotiation strategies.

Develop an awareness of the core processes and best practices used in service and support

Introduction to Green Building Management


Introductory course for the management of green buildings to spread the green economy culture in the industry through highlighting the importance and international standards related to green building. The course highlights examples of real green buildings and resource preservation in these buildings.



Course Content:

1.Green Construction
2.Green Leadership
3.Partner Synergy
4.Program and Performance
5.Working Your Way Towards Green Construction



Course Objective:

Learn how to create and sustain a cleaner, healthier environment & a more eco-friendly country.
Highlights the steps for “acting green”.
Lays the foundation for the construction industry & other industries to create & sustain a "Green Future”.
  • Price: Dhs 2000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Certified Residential Specialists (CRS)®


The CRS course designed to enhance and upgrade the skills of real estate managers who work in residential market. The course identifies the best approaches and applicable strategies and showcase successful projects in this regard, this designation is  offered by NAR & opens the opportunity to network with CRS around the world.



Course Content:

1.Business Planning
3.Negotiation Strategies
4.Working with Clients


Course Objective:

Provide real estate professionals with the tools, resources and strategies needed to assist buyers and sellers throughout the residential sales process.
The ability to identify the benefits of a business plan and develop income goals using the budgeting process.
Necessary strategies to close the transaction quickly and efficiently.
  • Price: Dhs 5000
  • Duration: 32 hours
  • Register
Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager [CRB]®

The Certi fied Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB) designation is one of the oldest and most respected in the industry, and provides the knowledge you need to reinforce your professional development and sharpen your competitive edge by:

Staying ahead of the competition.
Learning new trends and business strategies to improve

individual and company performance.

Discovering a new approach to enhancing knowledge and

leveraging opportunity.

Topic Covered:

Module 1: Building a Business Plan that Gets Results
Module 2: Performance Leadership – Coach, Manage & Mentor
Module 3: Creating a Profitable Real Estate Company
  • Price: Dhs 5000
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Register
Arabic Real Estate Terminology for Non-Arabic Speakers


Course is designed for non-Arabic speakers to strengthen their confidence and competitiveness among workers in the field of real estate who are unable to speak Arabic, and to contribute to the professional publishing and transparency in the local real estate market.



Course Content:

1.understanding your client language.
2.explain your strategy, procedures and regulations in your clients’ own language.
3.Understand  habits, customs, social behavior in Arabic culture especially GCC.



Course Objective:

Learn Arabic & UAE culture, customs and habits
Understand widely used words both on the social & business fronts
Having an edge over normal brokers; to be distinguished
Widen the scope of dealing, negotiating and understanding your clients
Learn an extra language
Real Estate Risk Management
  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Registration Trustee Training

This course qualifies registration trustees and educates them about the requirements rules and regulations followed. It also highlights the principles of real estate, marketing and customer service. The participants will learn how to register property transactions on behalf of the Dubai Land Department.

Course Content:

1.Code of Ethics.
2.Property Ownership transfer Procedures.
3.Electronic systems designed for registration trustee.
4.The roles and duties of a registration trustee.
5.Highlighting the agreement to permit access to registration trustee system.
6.General information about the applicable property regulations in Dubai.

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to empower and teach registration trustees about the profession’s requirements and applicable rules and regulations.
Training the registration trustees on the system used by Dubai land Department to register sales mortgages and other transactions.
Educating registration trustees about rules and regulations related to their profession.
Educate registration trustee about code of ethics.​
Registration Trustee Diploma
  • Price: Dhs 5000
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
Introduction to Energy Management

Introductory course on energy management and how to exploit domestic energy resources. Published in June 2011, international standard ISO 50001 for energy management systems helps organizations integrate their responsibility into a holistic management concept, and to exploit any opportunities offered.



Course Content:

1. Introduction to sustainable energy management concepts  and its significance.
2. Reasons for requiring new  and concrete approaches to energy usage in thought and deed.
3. International standard ISO 50001 for energy management systems .




Course Objective:

 Structure and implement a comprehensive energy management system.
• Improve energy performance.
• Saving costs, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
Introduction to Feasibility Study and Business Plan
  • Price: Dhs 1700
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Best Practices in Real Estate Selling and Leasing


This course educates professional working in this industry about best practices in real estate selling and leasing. It provides a comprehensive manual of best practices to develop the skills of participants to achieve the optimal results for their companies and meanwhile achieving customer satisfaction.


Course Content:

1. How to utilize the best Communication Skills in real estate
2. To negotiate effectively in Real Estate by conducting research and ability to read the other party
3. Knowledge, power, and capability to convince end users to lease or buy, because end
4. Time Management Skills
5. Best Practices in Leasing and Selling


Course Objective:

• Develop the skills of real estate brokers in sales and leasing.
• Support development of the real estate industry through the publication and dissemination of world best practices.
• Dissemination of best practices in sales, leasing and property management.
Illustration of the proven strategies and tactics practiced by the best real estate companies in the world.
Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)


The Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) course  in corporation with the National Association of Realtors  (NAR) & the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council (REBAC) is designed to establish a foundation of training, skills, and resources to help real estate professionals succeed as buyers' representatives. By Earning your
ABR® Designation, you will tap into a pool of 40,000 designees in Europe,
South America, Asia and Australia.

The three-day Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR®) Designation course
and teaches agents best practices of buyer representation, negotiation on their buyers' behalf and obtain fair representation. The ABR course provides agents the know-how to turn current clients to a source of future business.​

  • Price: Dhs 3500
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Register
Real Estate Project's Trust Account Course
  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
Real Estate Valuation Training

The course is designed to explain the concepts and techniques of real estate valuation in the UAE as well as international best practices in valuation services.



Course Content:

1. Introduction to Real Estate Valuation
2. Factors affecting the value of the property
3. Types of real estate and report criteria
4. Real Estate Appraiser
5. Preview of the property market
6. Valuation methods and approach



Course Objective:

 Principles and criteria of real estate valuation.
 Real Estate Appraisers and the nature of their work.
 The various factors affecting the value of the property.
 Information and data necessary for the proper application of the property assessment process.
 Standards and conditions for the preparation of the Value Report
  • Price: Dhs 3800
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Certified Mortgage Broker Course (CMB)

The course covers a variety of topics such as lending laws & regulations, ethics, mortgage markets, mortgage products, financial instruments, and the basics of the residential mortgage lending process.

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to offer a superior level of service to the Borrower; distinguish yourself from the competition and build condense in your competence and knowledge.



Course Outline:


  1. History of Mortgages in UAE
  2. Licensing requirements
  3. Best Practices
  4. Assessing Client Affordability
  5. Ethical Decision Making
  6. UAE Central Bank Regulations
  7. Mortgage Products & Options
  8. Islamic Banking
  9. Fraud & Risk
  10. UAE Real Estate Market Overview
  11. Property Transaction Process
  12. Appraisals


Course Objectives:


  • Enhance the practical knowledge of mortgage brokers and consultant firms.
  • Define the role of mortgage professionals in the loan process.
  • ​Introduce best practices of mortgage brokerage in terms of ethics and professionalism​
  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
M-202: Association Communications
  • Price: Dhs 2000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
M-203: Community Leadership

​This course shows you how to inspire the cooperation needed from board leaders and volunteers to achieve management goals. You’ll learn proven ways to motivate and guide community leaders and help board and committee members accomplish more at every meeting. Topics include areas: strategies for building better relationship, preparing and running areas: strategies for building better relationship, preparing and running efficient meetings, motivating and guiding board members, encouraging, interest and participation in committees, developing election procedures and organizing community records.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify basic fidciary obligations of assciation leadership
  • Create and populate a management action item list Develop and utilize procedures for community elections
  • Identify records to maintain
  • Create or update your mission statement
  • Develop a community association strategic plan.
Course outline:
  • Community Leadership
  • Association Solutions

  • Price: Dhs 2000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
M-360: Leadership Practices in Building Community
  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
M-206: Financial Management
  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Register
Cross Cultural Training for Real Estate Professionals

This course specializes in the definition of the various international cultures and how to ensure good communication and a better dealing and to provide world-class service. These roles will help in closing successful deals without prejudice to cultural issues of different customers and investors from various backgrounds. These investors might have cultural concepts different from the people living in the Middle East.


Course Content:

1. Understand your client’s diverse global mindsets for maximum results in real estate;
2. Understand how diverse multicultural groups function in relation to each other.
3. Master the best tools and tricks of communication to translate into direct profit.


Course Objective:

Learn the differing cultural values and styles of business behavior.
Bridging the cultural gap between different groups connected to the real estate industry in order to successfully operate locally by knowing how to effectively relate globally.
Communication and Presentation Skills for Real Estate Professionals

The course is designed to develop effective presentation and communication among professionals working in real estate industry to achieve the best results and offer optimal customer service.



Course Content:

1. Improve the effectiveness of communications between the different groups connected to the real estate industry;
2. Know how to successfully operate locally by knowing how to effectively relate globally;
3. Learn the different styles of communication and business behavior; gain skills for effective written, verbal and non verbal business communication
4. Enhance your communication and presentation skills in the world of real estate..



Course Objective:

• Know how best to communicate and interact with clients and staff of different  nationalities so that workflow is seamless and productivity enhanced, is the ultimate goal of the course.
• Improve the effectiveness of communications between different groups connected to the real estate industry in order to successfully operate locally.
 Master the different styles of communication and business behavior
Expectation Management & Problem Solving
Project Management Professional in Real Estate (PMP)®
  • Price: Dhs 4000
  • Duration: 40 hours
  • Register
Construction Contract Management
  • Price: Dhs 2100
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Real Estate Governance Workshop [Schema]
  • Price: Dhs 4000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Branding For Real Estate

A specialized workshops that focus on understanding the role of strategic communication and the critical role of building the brand which is one of the most important strategic assets of the corporation.


Course Content:

1.Role of Strategic Communication
2.The critical role of building, growing and grooming your most strategic asset (your Brand).
3.New rules and regulations introduced by the Dubai Government


Course Objective:

Help companies increase the relevance of their brand.
Meet the needs of locally - grown startups.
Help companies refine their concepts and business models to sustain their competitive advantage.
Real Estate Project Management

The course aims to develop the skills of real estate professionals to identify and assess the risks of investment in the real estate sector and how to deal with market’s changes. This course is essential to understand the risks surrounding the development of real estate projects and plans for risk management to achieve the best returns.


Course Content:

1.Definition of Risk Management.
2.Risk Infrastructure and Risk Culture.
3.Understanding a project’s risks  and their impact on the success of the real estate firm.


Course Objective:

Understand the concept of Risk Management in detail.
Examine the financial and non financial risks of a Real Estate firm.
Importance of risk management for an organization especially for Real Estate firm.
Case discussion and summary on risk management practice.
Hedging tools” and management of various risks faced by a Real Estate firm.
  • Price: Dhs 4000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Real Estate Products
  • Price: Dhs 3500
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Register
Social Media Workshop

Dubai Real Estate Institute offers a course on the importance of means of social media in marketing and how to use these tools to enhance the footprint of your company in Dubai real estate market.


Course Content:

1.Introduction to the different relevant social media channels.
2.In depth training on appropriate content usage.
3.Example of successful and damaging content.
5.Briefing on how to answer questions and comments.
6.Review and conclusion of the training course.


Course Objective:

Bring everyone involved up to speed on the relevant social media channels.
Educate participants on the regional social media activities.
Gain an understanding of which channels are most appropriate for the real estate industry.
Showcase which channels should be used and for what purpose.
An understanding of which content should be used on which channel and how it should be shared.
Ability to monitor social media activity.
Community Management Skills.
Feasibility Study & Business Analysis for Real Estate
  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Master Planning and Development
  • Price: Dhs 4000
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Register
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Real Estate Valuation & Investment Course
Real Estate Marketing Course
Real Estate Economics Course
Real Estate Principle Course
Real Estate Business & Legal Environment
Arbitration in Construction and Real Estate Disputes
  • Price: Dhs 4800
  • Duration: 21 hours
  • Register
Renewal Examination for Timeshare Brokers
Renewal Examination for CPM
Preparation course for CPM
Smart Cities Readiness Workshop
  • Price: Dhs 2000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Special Certified Training for Real Estate license's owner
Developing and Land Registration Systems
  • Price: Dhs 5000
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Register
Ejari Master Training
Ejari for Typing Center
OQOOD Property Termination Training
Two Subjects of Diploma Course
  • Price: Dhs 4000
  • Duration: 14 hours
  • Register
Preparation Course for Trust Accounts
Property Innovation: Building Cities for Innovation Economies Cities

​Participants from the property development industry will learn, understand and produce innovative techniques and strategies to create a maximum positively constructive impact on the United Arab Emirates innovation economy. The course will help its participants identify and explore unique needs and opportunities concealed to construct innovative practices in the property development industry.​

Targeted Audience
  • Property Developers
  • Planners responsible for cities

Course Objectives:
  • Familiarize yourself with the crucial processes to be implemented in your cities unique urban innovations
  • Enhance your analytical skills to incarnate innovative thinking and ideas to develop functional innovative urban projects.
  • Implement leadership best practices by personifying and regenerating creative ideas and innovation in your team.
  • Master innovation and communication to triumph your stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Conduct an in-depth analytical study on other victorious Governmental innovative strategies as a learning prototype.
  • Gain a deeper insight on the processes by investigating various technological amenities to support digital and social innovation work.
  • Acquire the proactive approach to understand and be proactive on government challenges for innovation.
  • Experiment various regular problematic situations with real-life exercises.
  • Learn the secrets of innovative project management and innovation proposals.

  • Price: Dhs 12000
  • Duration: 35 hours
  • Register
Government Innovation Leadership Training

​This two days course is designed to cultivate the best practices in leadership and management to develop innovation cities. The content is dedicated to equip all government top leaders, current and future management leaders in the public service of United Arab Emirates by integrating the virtually apposite strategies and tools to overcome challenges in developing practically innovative projects.

Targeted Audience:

Government leaders, current and future management leaders.​

  • Familiarize yourself with the crucial processes to be implemented in your cities unique urban innovations.
  • Enhance your analytical skills to incarnate innovative thinking and ideas to develop functional innovative urban projects.
  • ​Implement leadership best practices by personifying and regenerating creative ideas and innovation in your team.
  • Master innovation and communication to triumph your stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Conduct an in-depth analytical study on other victorious Governmental innovative strategies as a learning prototype.
  • Gain a deeper insight on the processes by investigating various technological amenities to support digital and social innovation work.
  • Acquire the proactive approach to understand and be proactive on government challenges for innovation.
  • Experiment various regular problematic situations with real-life exercises.
  • Learn the secrets of innovative project management and innovation proposals.

  • Price: Dhs 7000
  • Duration: 14 hours
  • Register
Developing Cities of the Future
  • Price: Dhs 4200
  • Duration: 14 hours
  • Register
M:202 - Association Communications & M:203 - Community Leadership
  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 21 hours
  • Register
Green Designation Program
  • Price: Dhs 4200
  • Duration: 21 hours
  • Register
e-Pro Certification Program
Certified Training for Real Estate Valuers

​Certification course for valuers is a certification course to certify valuation professionals working or wishing to work in Dubai. 

The course will cover a wide range of topics to include introduction to real estate valuation, the characteristics of real estate market, the importance of real estate valuation, definition of market value and the difference between market value, price, cost and investment worth. The course will also cover the traditional methods of valuation with some examples and touch base on the contemporary valuation method. 

This is an introductory course the purpose of real estate valuation, the valuation process and the different valuation methods and approaches as well as techniques used to determine the value of various types of property. This course is designed to provide the candidates with needed skills and knowledge necessary to undertake real estate valuation and conduct development appraisal work. The candidates will have an understanding of the concepts and practices in the real estate valuation field. The candidate will have a working knowledge of some of the techniques used by the valuer. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the characteristics of real estate market
  • Understand the role of property in the wider economy;
  • Understand the different type of tenure
  • Understand the purpose of real estate valuation
  • Understand the difference between market value, fair value, price, cost and investment worth
  • Understand valuation methods and approaches and when each method is used
  • Understand the minimum requirements of a valuation report. Understand the code of measurement

  • Price: Dhs 6000
  • Duration: 25 hours
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Certified OAM
Certified Continuous OAM
Certified Property Conveyance Training
دورة التفتيش على المباني
ورشة عمل الإدارة المالية لمدراء الاعمال
دورة التمويل العقاري للوسطاء
 مهارات التفاوض واالاتصال العقاري
Fundamentals of Professional Property Management
دورة الإعداد لاختبار تجديد رخصة الوسطاء العقارية
Leasing Broker Renewal Examination
Renewal exam for Leasing Brokers
دورة إدارة جمعية الملاك التأهيلية [M-100]
دورة التفتيش ومسح المباني
International Investment and Wealth Management
Sales & Leasing Broker 2nd Examination for renewal
Trust Account Course for Bankers
Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Resolution in Real Estate
Community Leadership [M-203]
Soft Skills Course for Real Estate Brokers
Arbitration for the Real Estate Disputes in the UAE
Harvard – FIABCI
  • Price: Dhs 8500
  • Duration: 16 hours
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Diploma in Innovation and Creativity
  • Price: Dhs 7000
  • Duration: 66 hours
  • Register
ISPIM Middle East Innovation Campus
  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 14 hours
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Master Registration Fee
Registration Trustee System Training
  • Price: Dhs 2850
  • Duration: 30 hours
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Smart Cities: Building Better Cities in the Digital Age
To compete in today’s global landscape or local market (and anywhere in between), technology needs to become part of a community’s DNA and be the foundation for all change. Technology and innovation impact environmental, economic, and social sustainability in our communities and nations. How should leaders and stakeholders get organized around these phenomena to take advantage of opportunities and stay competitive in today’s global economy? After this program, you will better appreciate the impact Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and the “Internet of Everything” have on the building, regeneration, and sustainment of communities around the world. Using case studies that provide real-life examples and context, this program will help shape your playbook and toolkit to address the planning, design, and realization of 21st century infrastructure and communities.

Participants in this program will discuss how to take advantage of the digital age, and explore the necessity and complexity of organizing communities around common and targeted goals. You will develop the framework and tools for imagining and building the smart city of the future.


  • Summarize the principles and foundational requirements of the Smart City in the digital age.
  • Recognize the opportunities of the Smart City in all aspects of life – not a technology discussion but a value conversation (health, education, transportation, buildings)
  • Outline governance, policies, and partnerships: a blueprint on "how to get started.“
  • Review the good, the bad, and the ugly: lessons learned from Smart City examples all around the world.

  • Price: Dhs 8000
  • Duration: 14 hours
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MIPIM Visit 2017
International Real Estate Strategies & Deal Negotiation Program

​Understanding how cross border real estate works will allow us to create successful strategies and take advantage of arbitrage situations between different economies. Real estate is a highly cyclical industry. Every day developers make vital decisions that can have profound effects in the success or failure of our investments. To make it even more difficult, the life of real estate investments is longer than other industries; therefore it is much more important to understand how real estate cycles work, and in which part of the cycle we are, before we start a project. 

There is too much time and money at risk if we do not know how to read the cycle before playing our cards in the “Real Estate Game.” During the program the instructors will explain how they built a successful business plan during the real estate bust of 2008 in the United States, taking advantage of the downturn and making money when everybody else was losing money. 

Globalization made our world smaller, and every day more and more real estate developers become international. We jump from one country to the other like sailors following the good winds. We need to build solid international business strategies in order to be successful in this venture. When we disembark in a new country we need to design these strategies based on different factors, which are distinct for each new location. 


  • Understand how to create a successful real estate investment strategic plan  in international markets
  • Use financial modeling to establish the right pricing for investments
  • Understand the different external factors that can affect real estate investments around the world
  • Learn the theory behind the real estate cycle in order to anticipate its behavior and make rational investment decisions
  • Learn negotiations skills that will help close good international deals
  • Learn cross-cultural communication techniques and negotiation skills extracted from international business and diplomacy
  • Price: Dhs 12000
  • Duration: 14 hours
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M-204: Community Governance

Learn how to avoid legal problems and gain cooperation when establishing guidelines.

This course covers the legal basis of community rules, policies and procedures. You'll gain a better understanding of board and management responsibilities and a better grasp of the community association as a legal entity. Learn how to advise and support your board and how to revise policies and procedures to comply with current laws and recommended management practices.

Topics include:

  • Developing and enforcing rules
  • Using an attorney or other professional advisor
  • Conflicts of interest and ethics
  • Reviewing and amending governing documents
  • Statutes and case law affecting community management
  • Fiduciary responsibilities of association boards, committees and managers
  • Management contracts
  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 12 hours
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Best Practices course for ALC

MIT Real Disruption and Innovation
Technology is currently enabling an unprecedented wave of business innovation, with new products, processes, and services being created that were never  possible before. Some are evolutionary, while others are truly revolutionary.  All industries are being dramatically impacted, including the commercial real estate.

Well-established methods and traditions of developing, transacting and managing commercial real estate are rapidly evolving due to a wave of new real estate technology and product innovation focused specifically on disrupting the business. By exploiting the explosive growth of mobile technology, crowd sourcing, the sharing economy, cloud storage, big/small data, and complex analytics these startup ventures are challenging old ways of doing business and creating innovative new models for the global commercial real estate industry.

  • Get an overview of technologies expected to have a lasting effect on commercial real estate, including a deep look into RE Tech, as well as the impacts of autonomous mobility, Blockchain, AI, robotics, 3D and VR/AR technology.

  • Learn about the recent explosive global growth of RE Tech:  how and why these new applications and platforms came about; the various types of real estate tech and market segments that they serve; what they do and how they work; how and where they are disrupting the industry.

  • Get insight into what these latest technologies may mean for the future of the commercial real estate industry and explore opportunities that are created for new business ventures.

  • Price: Dhs 10000
  • Duration: 18 hours
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CRB- Partners
  • Price: Dhs 4250
  • Duration: 24 hours
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CRB - Dubizzle Partner
  • Price: Dhs 4250
  • Duration: 24 hours
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Future Cities: Re-imagining Our Communities in the Age of Digital Disruption
Government and business leaders are given the tools and frameworks to create innovative, productive, liveable, and thriving communities in changing times complicated by economic, political, environmental and social challenges.
Today, we face foundational and transformational technological capabilities e.g. Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, which will catalyze the transformation of tomorrow’s communities. Those that embrace and apply these technological capabilities, understanding the economic, social, and environmental impacts, will accelerate smart city movements and create future-ready communities.
Technology, however, is likely to change at the same speed as it was introduced to us over the past decades. Technology, therefore, needs to be considered as an ‘enabler’ to achieve future aspirations. Successful communities will apply agile business processes that stand to benefit from future disruptions and create a culture of innovation that is sustainable. Substantiated in global and local best practices, this hands-on class will offer a useable framework that can be applied to create future cities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of digital capabilities from the third and fourth industrial revolution that will transform tomorrow’s communities.
  • Ability to qualify the business impact of smart city practices.
  • Gain insight from global and local best-practices that apply economic, technological, and social instruments and business models to the benefit of tomorrow’s communities.
  • Co-create a useable framework that can be applied to assess, define, and execute sustainable innovative solutions that form the foundation of tomorrow’s communities.
  • Understand how to build and further collaborative eco-systems that will help shape, carry forward, and execute the vision of a future city.

  • Price: Dhs 10000
  • Duration: 14 hours
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Harvard – Dubizzle Partner
  • Price: Dhs 10240
  • Duration: 14 hours
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Harvard - Partners
  • Price: Dhs 10240
  • Duration: 16 hours
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Extra Trainee for OQOOD SYSTEM MASTER Training
Explore Your Real Estate Rights (Landlords & Tenants)

DREI presents the latest and most recent laws and regulations pertaining to both landlords and tenants and regulating their relationship, exploring your rights and obligations and related concerns: renting, increasing rents, evicting a tenant, renewing and breaching lease contracts, solving disputes, availing benefits of owners' association.

In summary, this course is beneficial for landlords and tenants, especially in view of the new implemented VAT regulations.

By attending this course session you will be able to learn:

  1. How to choose the most suitable broker to assist you, and how to deal with a broker
  2. How commission, or broker's fee involved is calculated, paid, etc…
  3. What other involved fees , and how are they paid
  4. How to register the lease agreement, where, when and who is responsible to do it
  5. Should all lease agreements be registered? What are the exceptions
  6. What is owner association, and which role it plays for both landlord and tenant, and what is meant by Owner Association Declaration Statement
  7. What is meant by service charges and maintenance fees and how are they set
  8. VAT implementation for various types of property leases
  9. What regulations pertain to renting out a property and rent levels
  10. How and when can a landlord evict a tenant
  11. How to calculate rental increase, when is it due, what is the legal implementation, and how to respond to landlord if no increase is due
  12. What is RDC (Rental Dispute Center) where is it, what role it plays, and when and how can you approach it
Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers-Chinese
  • Price: Dhs 3000
  • Duration: 21 hours
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VAT in the Real Estate Sector

Course Objectives:

• The general definition of the VAT law

• The impact of law in the real estate regarding both operational and financial sectors

• The law areas of application and its mechanisms in real estate

• Defining the obligations of developers and real estate professionals pertaining to VAT

• Implementation of laws and regulations, tax violations, fines and penalties

Presentation inclusion:

• The legislative structure of tax for all Gulf States

 • Laws and decrees issued for value added tax in the UAE

 • VAT Basic definitions

 • Taxable real estate supplies

 • Zero supply for residential properties

 • Taxable real estate businesses

 • TAX Obligations for developers and sellers

 • Practical real estate transactions

 • Real estate tax calculation

 • Tax procedures

 • Violations and tax penalties

Explore Your Real Estate Rights (Investors, Buyers & Sellers)

​DREI presents 2018 Market Overview, a fact based awareness-training course that will focus on the challenges facing the real estate industry.   Is it a good time to buy? Is it a good time to rent? What about long term vs short-term gains? Get access to reliable and credible market information and learn how to apply these learnings to your investments.  This course is beneficial for an experienced investor, a first timer investor, buyers & sellers.

By attending this course session you will be able to learn:

1. How to pick the most suitable broker to assist you, and how to deal with a broker
2. How Commission or broker’s fee involved is calculated, paid, etc…
3. What are all the involved fees and how are they paid
4. How to get a residential Visa when buying a property
5. Diversify your investment and identify the best areas and types to buy
6. How to get a Mortgage and what are the available types
7. What are Owners’ Association and what role they play
8. Service Charges and Maintenance fees
9. Who are the developers how do you rank them and how to deal with them
10. VAT implementation for various types of properties and transactions
11. In case if you chose to sell the property, what is the procedure and requirements
12. If you chose to keep it, and rent it out; what are all the facts pertaining to that
And lots more......

Strategic Management and Innovation in Real Estate

About the Harvard GSD Executive Education

Since 1936, Harvard Graduate School of Design has been recognized as one of the world's top design schools, and is consistently ranked number one in North America for its Master in Architecture and Master in Landscape Architecture programs. The Harvard Graduate School of Design has over 13,000 alumni and has graduated many famous architects, urban planners, and landscape architects. The school is considered a global academic leader in the design fields.

 At Harvard Graduate School of Design Executive Education, industry and academia's foremost leaders join with accomplished design and real estate professionals from around the world. In this setting, complex challenges are addressed and innovative solutions are created. In our dynamic learning environment, participants emerge with practical insights and valuable lessons that can be put into action, right away. Innovation in action- that's the Harvard Graduate School of Design Executive Education experience.

Program Description

 The role of strategy in today's business world cannot be overemphasized. Increasing competition from existing players as well as emerging competitors, and the uncertainty and changes in the industry environments have all created a need for a greater understanding of the business. Doing a critical assessment of the total enterprise, reasoning carefully strategic options, and crafting business strategies are the key challenges managers face today. This program will take a systematic look at how to analyze the environmental forces and the factors within the company, which will be followed by a discussion on the planning and execution of strategies. The focus will be on the real estate industry which continues to offer growth opportunities but also is subject to various challenges.

 Strategic management is a process of setting a company's direction, developing strategy, and allocating resources. Different strategic tools to evaluate environmental threats and opportunities, and the dynamics of competition will be discussed. Also, company strengths and weaknesses and how to develop competencies will be examined. The strategic positioning of a company in its industry will be analyzed.

 Technology-enabled radical innovation is shaping the real estate industry. It is important to identify the disruptive trends in this industry early on to be able to generate significant benefits. The program will discuss how technological advances are changing the real estate industry landscape and what actions companies can take to remain competitive. We will look at the factors responsible for strategy execution and how to increase overall effectiveness for the industry. 

Program Outline


Session 1: Strategy Foundations

The strategic management process

Competitive advantage and value proposition

Session 2: Presentation - A Strategic Approach to Real Estate

Innovating in: 1. Strategic Research > 2. Financing > 3. Structural Execution > 4. Printing 3D parts for Longevity

Session 3: Internal analysis – Company Strengths and Weaknesses

Resources and capabilities

Core competencies

Value chain activities

Session 4: External Analysis – Identifying Threats and Opportunities

Macro environment

Industry structure and competition



Session 5: Strategy and Competitive Positioning/Positioning in Real Estate

Generic business strategies and positioning

Session 6: Strategy in a Dynamic Environment/Financial innovation in Real Estate

Strategy, disruptive innovation and blue ocean strategy

Session 7: Strategy and Growth/Affordable Housing Growth in Real Estate

Market expansion

Session 8: Strategy Implementation/Real Estate decision and execution

Implementation levers (structure, systems and processes)

Execution and performance – Balanced scorecard

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  • Price: Dhs 10000
  • Duration: 16 hours
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Designing Real Estate for Health + Wellness
Understanding the WELL Building Standard workshop provides a deep dive into the WELL Standard.  The ideology and structure of the program are covered in depth as well as the certification process. The heart of the workshop is an in-depth review of the intents and requirements of each Concept category and Feature including an understanding of the medical basis for each Feature and design and construction strategies for implementing the concepts and requirements. Case studies of WELL pilot projects and other projects actively implementing the Standard are highlighted.

The WELL Building Standard marries best practices in design and construction with evidence-based health and wellness interventions. In this workshop, attendees learn how to harness the built environment as a vehicle to support human health, wellbeing, and comfort. Strategies for improving the nutrition, fitness, mood, sleep patterns and performance of occupants through design and construction practices are explored in detail. This intensive workshop helps building professionals and owners understand their role as public health practitioners. It also helps medical professionals understand the critical role that the built environment plays in a person’s health and wellbeing. For those wishing to become amongst the WELL Accredited Professionals, this workshop serves as a critical step in the preparation for the exam.

The time has come to elevate human health and comfort to the forefront of building practices and reinvent buildings that are not only better for the planet—but also for people.  This workshop will teach you how to do this using the WELL Building Standard as the framework.

Learning Objectives:
- Identify the purpose, key components, and structure of the WELL Building Standard 
- Discuss the medical basis for the Concepts and Features of the WELL Building Standard
- Understand successful strategies for meeting the requirements of the WELL Features
- Learn WELL resources and how to become a WELL Accredited Professional

Successful Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Successful agents develop a plan to meet their goals and objectives using established principles of marketing. Agents will learn various media and systems of marketing as well as how to evaluate the tactics employed to ensure effectiveness. After taking this course, students will be able to develop a marketing plan based on a variety of options, systems and tracking to make their business more productive, profitable and enjoyable.

Course Content

  • Five essential marketing skills
  • Personal promotion techniques
  • Marketing and promotion systems
  • Delivery systems to generate a successful referral business
About Real Estate Advance Practices (REAP) Program

This course is one of four that comprise the Real Estate Advanced Practices (REAP) program offered exclusively through the Residential Real Estate Council (formerly the Council of Residential Specialists). It is  specifically designed for  agents looking to build   a successful real estate business anywhere in the world.
The REAP program identifies the successful systems and strategies used universally by top real estate sales agents. The program is divided into the following four separate one- day courses: 1) Business Planning, 2) Marketing, 3) Negotiation Strategies and 4)  Working with Clients.
About the Residential Real Estate Council & the CRS Designation:

The Residential Real Estate Council is a professional membership organization dedicated to helping real estate agents achieve excellence and success in the business. The Council awards the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designation to agents for advanced professional training and outstanding achievement. CRS Designees represents the top 3% of all residential REALTORS® in the United States.
The Happy Cities : Harvard GSD Executive Education

About the Program 

Increasingly, happiness and wellbeing are considered a measure of social progress and municipalities and community builders are expected to redefine the growth and development narrative around people's needs and expectations.

The Happy Cities program is the 3rd program in the Cities Series: Previous modules were Smart Cities and Future Cities. This two-day workshop is designed to identify and express the definition, context, areas of focus, alignment, and boundaries for creating a "Happy City".

Workshop Outline

The workshop consists of three distinct modules:

I.  Context: What is "Happiness"? How can it be measured? Personas and stakeholders. What are the key parameters for a Happiness Compass?

Key variables: Identifying the Domains through exploration of three perspectives and one great enabler)      

  1. Prosperity (economic growth, efficiency and productivity)
  2. Planet (environmental sustainability, GHG emissions)
  3. People (citizens, municipal stakeholders, collaboration, health, education)
  4. Digital Innovation (technology)

Outcome: we will derive a flexible 'compass' and identify the priority areas for further investigation.

Note: in the discussions, technology and innovation will be captured as "means to an end" and "enablers". Digital Innovation is much broader than just technology and the latter is not a domain in itself, but is a cross- cutting discipline that has the ability to influence and transform the outcomes and solutions in all other domains.

II.  Conducting a 3-part deep-dive through facilitated workshops (break-out sessions). The domains that are subject to the deep dives are among the most relevant perceived with modern-day city building and known to be priorities for Dubai:

  1. Planet: Food, Water, and Energy
  2. Shelter, Real Estate, Smart Buildings
  3. Mobility, Transportation

The sessions include:

  • Vision statement, context, and global examples
  • Discussion on the outcomes and components of the Domain
  • Identifying obstacles, barriers, and boundaries

The format for the three deep dive sessions follows: ~ 30-minute overview, statement and challenge; ~30-minute break-out to identify details, outcomes; ~30 minutes read-out whereby we build-out the matrix towards the components of the index.

III.  Outcome: the creation of a Happiness Compass; articulation of perspectives, domains, and outcomes (we will not discuss solutions). Discussion on definition, metrics and measurement of "success" by virtue of an innovative approach using a compass methodology.

Rick Huijbregts and Miguel J. Martins

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  • Price: Dhs 12800
  • Duration: 16 hours
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​Legal Aspects for the Real Estate Registration
Trust Account System (TAS)
The Happy Cities : Dubai Government Employees
  • Price: Dhs 10500
  • Duration: 16 hours
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Introduction to Blockchain

​The Blockchain training course provides you with a detailed understanding of Blockchain technology beginning from Blockchain and Bitcoin origin, objectives, and challenges, slowly progressing to Blockchain Data structures and application that will affect your profession and how can you benefit from it. 

Program Objectives: 
By the end of this Blockchain course, you will be able to do the following:
  • Get an overview of Blockchain concept and objectives and its relation to Bitcoin
  • Learn about Blockchain Data structures and identifiers
  • Get to review real examples of real estate transactions on the block chain
  • Comprehend Blockchain transaction limitations and public policies and how all this will affect your future career 
Program Preview: 
  • Blockchain Basics - Introduction
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain Data Structure
  • Mining
  • The use of Blockchain in Real Estate
  • Examples – Sweden, Estonia and Georgia 
  • How Can You Benefit
  • Emerging Trends in Blockchain
  • Blockchain Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Blockchain and Public Policy  

M-370: Managing Developing Communities

​Learn how to help your community transition successfully.

This course offers approaches to the challenges associated with managing developing communities. From community design to operational turnover, you'll explore each stage of development and address potential issues. You'll learn to manage a transition effectively while avoiding legal problems and dissent in the community.
Topics include:

  • Designing and creating communities
  • Developing budgets and managing finances through transition
  • Transition processes following transfer of control
  • Operational turnover
  • Risk management
  • Association and developer expectations

  • Price: Dhs 2500
  • Duration: 12 hours
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