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 Career Path

​All over the world the real estate sector has been one of the major providers of necessary employment opportunities, growth and wealth to individuals and countries. However, not many people, whether upcoming graduates or even professionals looking to change their career path into something more challenging or flexible, know about the many prospects that this sector could deliver. Therefore, since the Dubai Real estate institute's vision is to develop a well-educated and trained sector of real estate professionals who not only exhibit world class standards of excellence in professionalism on a daily basis, but who simultaneously uphold ethics and morality both in Dubai and throughout the region, here are some of the main job possibilities that this sector in Dubai in particular, and the world in general, could provide for ambitious individuals:​

  • Property management 

  • Properties inspections and land surveying 

  • Managing other people’s real estate 

  • Maintenance of real estate facilities 

  • Brokerage and Brokerage office management 

  • owner’s association management 

  • Real estate development and urban planning 

  • property Valuation

  • Real estate law and real estate legal advisory and consultation  

  • Banking and real estate finance 

  • Risk management 

  • real estate project management 

  • Green building and sustainability 

  • Timeshare brokerage

  • Real estate  technical systems 

  • Real estate studies and consultancy

  • Real estate marketing

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