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 Global Achievements

Dubai Land Department ranks fourth globally in registration speed

After the UAE was ranked 11th by the same index the year before, the international committee has reviewed the mechanisms of real estate registration, which require only one day for processing in Dubai, thus improving the country’s results of the 2011 index and pushing it forward to the 4th place in terms of registration speed.

The UAE becomes Vice President of the International Real Estate Association​

Another great achievement saw the UAE become the Vice President of the International Real Estate Association; an international body established in 1945 and based in Paris, considered to be the advisory body for the United Nations in matters relating to real estate and real estate development. The Association comprises 3300 members from over 60 countries around the world.

Dubai Real Estate Institute wins “quality of education” accreditation from ARELLO

Dubai Real Estate Institute, the education arm of LD, received a global recognition and accreditation of its education quality, by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), a body for international real estate regulators based in the United States, and is considered the world’s most comprehensive and influential body in the area of real estate regulation.

Global praise of Dubai’s Owners Associations regulations

US-based Community Associations Institute commended Dubai’s real estate example and its practices in terms of laws and regulations related to Owners Associations, as well as the framework and regulations of common properties.​​


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